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  1. 2stroke447

    Registering a KTM 525exc in New Jersey

    How do i get a kx registered, just show up with the title?
  2. 2stroke447

    Blue Diamond wasn't goog to me on 8/27

    Hey man, sorry to hear about your misfortune. I was parked next to you in that Explorer, and i saw you riding, you were fast as hell. Too bad you wrecked like that. You may want to reconsider selling your bike though. A friend of mine down in FL hit a 70 foot tripple and landed flat between the second and third jump, severly breaking his ankle. He was going so fast he had to hit the 3rd jump with a completely destroyed ankle, something like what you have going on there. I asked to buy his bike and he refused, saying that he vowed to return to racing. He had surgery and was on crunches for almost a year and had extensive rehabilitation, but he eventually returned to riding.
  3. 2stroke447

    Anybody from Philly town in here?

    Do you own the land that you ride on, or are there areas around there that allow riding? I have been to the pine barrons and some of sand pits and powerline trails in south jersey and had a pretty good time. I wouldn't mind riding something other than a motocross track every once in a while.
  4. 2stroke447

    Anybody from Philly town in here?

    There is a race there this Sunday, so you can't ride then, and the track is going to be super crowded on Saturday for practice, and they are closed every Monday and Tuesday, so Labor day is out. I am planning to go next weekend though. Check out their website http://www.bluediamondpark.com/index2.htm
  5. 2stroke447

    Anybody from Philly town in here?

    I live in West Chester and ride at Blue Diamond in Delaware. That is just about the only place around here.
  6. 2stroke447

    Blue Diamond on Saturday

    Yea, i was actually parked next to you guys. I didn't see him fall, but he was hitting those jumps pretty sick. About half an hour after you left it started raining so hard you couldn't see on the track, so i headed home. I called back later to see if they were still open and they said they were closed due to rain. I think they should have a policy that if it rains too hard to see, and it is less than half of their operation hours, they should offer rainchecks.
  7. 2stroke447

    Blue Diamond on Saturday

    Did anyone get a raincheck? I left when it started raining at 1, and they were'nt giving rainchecks because it was supposed to clear up, but I don't think it did. $25 to ride for 2 hours is expensive. I thought they could have given out rainchecks.