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  1. Thanks, what do you think is going on? I've been riding dirt bikes for years and never had this situation before.
  2. Well I just attempted to set the sag as suggested by almost everyone. I can't even get the static sag within limits before my spring is at the maximum preload of 9 3/4" as suggested. I'm at about 1 3/4" static sag as it sits. I started at about 2 1/2". This bike has been ridden very little and only has about 1000 miles. Is that 9 3/4" max preload correct? Thanks,
  3. I bought a new '08 SM last year with the intension of using it for dual sport riding. I made all the neccesary changes and it's a great bike for the money. The question I have for guys who have done the same thing is, did you modify the valving in the suspension? Mine just feels like it could be a lot better. I'm not doing doubles or anything like that but would like a plusher ride at low speed on hard edge bumps. I set the adjustments a little softer when new but really haven't done anything else. By the way, I'm about 210 dressed to ride.
  4. Does someone make a bracket to relocate the front caliper on an S model so you can use the stock SM rotor? Thanks in advance,
  5. Not sure I understand this one. 15/38 is 2.53 ratio 16/41 is 2.56. Anyway I don't like the way the 16 fits so I'm going to see Forrest on Mon. morning and get a 38. Thanks for the input.
  6. I'm taking my DRZ-SM to bike week and will be doing a lot of highway running. As a matter of fact we will be on the Interstate for a couple hours going to the GNCC. I have a 16t C.S. sprocket to install and was wondering if anyone has installed one and has a case saver guard. Who makes the guard? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'd like to see some tank bags on a Clarke 3.9. What fits and looks good. Thanks
  8. This is the kind of info I was looking for. On my KTM I used a leaner needle but raised it one notch.
  9. Thanks for the reply Eddie. Are you saying there is no Mikuni needle that I can use? I already have the silencer which I plan to use. I just hate to spend $75 for $15-20 worth of parts. On my KTM I was told that I had to buy the "kit" and I did a search on KTM talk and rejetted for nothing with what came with the bike (you get a few Extra jets and another needle) it runs great. Thanks,
  10. So, has anyone jetted there stock Mikuni CV and are happy. Mine will have the 3X3 and FMF Q4 at about 1000' altitude. What about the coast enrichener, does it have to go? Believe me I've done the search and there is way too much stuff to read and most everyone says to purchase the "kit" anyway. Thanks in advance.
  11. Here's mine ready to travel. I personally have done a 250 day but could have gone further. We did the U.P. last summer. The plan was 6 days 1200 + miles. On the 5th day I broke my side stand safety switch (since eliminated) which ended the trip. Cruising at 75mph no problem. The stock seat was horrible. I now have a Seatconcepts.com and love it. I have since added a Ceebailey windscreen.
  12. Nothing happened to them they are doing well and make a hell of a good product. They just had a big group buy on ADVrider. I think he sold 50-60 seats. http://seatconcepts.com/index.php?p=1_22
  13. Here's my '09 R.
  14. WOW, I was just there. That's where I bought my lights. I wish he would have offered those to me. I was in a spending frenzy. I can't get Forrest to return my calls though. Is that normal? That's exactly what I need. GREAT!