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  1. **** the police!
  2. just wondering on the price of an 05 out the door.
  3. mostly likely gettin an 05
  4. practice dude
  5. keep your weight back and on the pegs, stay on the gas
  6. this is in reference to croom motorcycle area near brooksville florida. just wondering when any of the florida tt members would be going there next time. thanks
  7. your a ****in &%$#@!
  8. eat shit ass wipe
  9. ive noticed many people have mentioned theyre bikes are running hot during trail rides. i ride mostly trails and a little motocross, and i am thinking of getting 250f after not haveing a bike for 8 months. im 5'11 135 lbs, 4 years riding experiance, do you think a yz250f would fit me well? thanks
  10. dude your gay