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  1. They still have the same motor though and basically interchangeable in a majority of parts. A totally different bike alltogether to me would be like like comparing the wr250r to the wr250f.What big bore did you go with? And I noticed the fmf bomb pipe. Besides that what else have you done motorwise? If done one at a time what differences did you notice with each mod? Clean bike btw!
  2. DRS, they are not completely different bikes. The XCF and the XCF-w only have different gearing . The XCF and XCF-W have linkless suspension so thats the only major difference besides gearing and E-start they have over the SXF. I'm trying to find the motor differences that squeeze out more power out of the SXF. I found the flywheel is also different but thats most likely do to the need for E-start gear on the XCF and XCF-W. Not sure if piston is same (compression wise)? Once ive done all I can from the bolt on perspective then I'll start looking at porting or whatever. Would be nice to hear from someone that owns either a XCF or SXF thats pumped it up (what works , what doesn't).
  3. Just tried it and it did not list engine parts for the xcf-w but it did for the xcf which should be the same other than gearing. So the rumour I heard was true. The intake cam is the same being part number 77036009100 but the exhaust cam is part # 77036110300 for the XCF and part # 77036010100 for the SXF. I wonder what the actual difference is? Must be a little higher lift im guessing? I'll have to try it. Wish there were some other options?
  4. I own a 2008 250xcf-w and im trying to do some mods to it to increase the power. Ive searched and search and cannot seem to get a straight or full answer to this. What exactly is the difference between a 250xcf or xcfw and the sxf? In this year (or years that I can use parts from). Besides from the obvious, the pds suspension and gearing I have learned that the cdi is different and I have changed that to a sx cdi (not too much different but a little more snappy). I heard the cams or just the exhaust cam may be different but not sure? What else? If nothing, then short of a big bore (which are also hard to get a straight answer on) what else is a good hop up for these motors? (Porting, pipe, etc..?). Oh and BTW, yes just get a 350 sounds great. Just loan me the cash and that will solve my problems. Don't like the handling of the 450 (crankshaft flywheel effect too much) otherwise I would just get one and fix my low end.
  5. Oh yeah the reason why I mentioned the ktm over the crf250x is I looked into the crf and it did not have the 6 speed also did not have the low end or even the overall power of the ktm. Plus the ktm comes with a lot of nice stuff stock (hydraulic clutch,etc..)
  6. I had a 2006 drz400s. My bro has a 400e. I did a few of the mods on my bike and it was a great bike. I do a lot of dual sporting (broad term depending on who you are) which consisted of street (little as possible), fire roads, 4x4 roads and single track. When I ride to work in the summer (which is 16 miles round trip all county hwy-55mph) then add more street. As for a riding level I ride with slow and fast. My neighbor on one side of me that I ride with rides a klx250s and likes to cruise. My other neighbor is my brother who was a junior west coast flat track champ in his day and his kid rides supercross (who rides with us also). They tend to cruise a little faster. Anyway my buddy that moved a few months ago talked me out of my drz. So I was looking for a upgrade. I looked at and rode several different bikes. Wr450f that was plated,ktm450exc, etc.. In the end I ended up getting a 08 ktm250xcfw that was plated with the street kit on it. I was worried with a 250 being good enough for everything but this this rips. It puts as much or more hp than the drz yet a whole lot lighter. 6 speed and will run up as fast as you need although being a 250 it is similar to the drz in feeling like one more gear would be nice at hwy speeds (but it dont). The suspension is way better. The stock seat is way better than the drz and I can touch the ground (had to put a seat concepts low seat on my drz). I looked at at other 250f's. The wr250f,crf250x,te250 and even the wr250r (which is tall,heavy and underpowered compared to the rest.) The ktm is not that hard maintenance wise and I would say the only difference would be changing the oil more often (don't spend the $ on spendy oil either. Just change often.). The only gripe would be number one-headlight. It pretty much sucks compared to the drz (or a lighter for that matter). Changed mine. And there is no key to turn on or pull out and lock up the bike while in the store (it civilizes the bike) easy enough to add though. And the turn signal/headlight switch is not as nice as the drz. You won't be disappointed with this bike. I'm not, and my bro and his kid rode it and like it also (and they both actually like the drz). If I could have found a 350 in my price range I probably would have gotten that but the little 250 is great and a great upgrade from the drz.
  7. X2MAN

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    I'm currently bike less :-(. Sold my DRZ and looking for something different. I've seen just about everything in this post but a few. Does anyone out there have any of these?: Minsk RX450 The Minsk I heard uses a Beta motor which is cool (I'm looking for a Beta). Benelli BX 449: Fantic Motors Six Days Caballero 300: AJP PR5 : Even the Hyosung RX450 : I left the chinese crap out cuz I wouldnt consider them exotc although I heard they copied the honda 450 and it may actually not fall apart. The Hyosung is Korean ((better than chinese). UNIT Skycraft (Although I'm sure no one has one of these)
  8. X2MAN

    YZ250 at Washougal

    Nope! Mike Horban #143 he's real fast!
  9. X2MAN

    YZ250 at Washougal

    Yeah,fully equipped with a sponsor! Power Motorsports supplied Mike with the new KX. The Yz is his own bike (He had to work with his dad for months to make the money to buy it).He pretty much scrapes by just to get to race (slept in his van at Washougal). That is why you only see him in the local stuff, he just plain doesn't have the dough to make it to all the races which sucks cuz I know he has the potential to go a lot faster (I've seen it). Now he has to scrape up dough to fix his seized play bike!
  10. X2MAN

    YZ250 at Washougal

    No crash, just motor seized. Plain bad luck! The reason (s) why he raced the YZ was: A. Timing. He knew he was going to be swapping out his KX and was not sure if he would even have a bike to ride at Washougal so he signed up with his 2 stroke. B. His YZ was setup suspension-wise for outdoor (he picked up his KX on thurs and raced it stock at PIR) C. Two strokes are cool and whats the point of racing if you ain't having fun! Mike did have his 2012 KX with him but AMA rules would not let him ride it for the second moto as he signed the YZ up. They would allow him to put a new motor in the YZ but unfortunately Mike had left his surplus of many spare motors that he has at home because they would have taken up sleeping space in his van! (Yes that was a joke) Hopefully he will get some help for supercross season and ride that YZ in a SX race. I would love to see that on TV.
  11. X2MAN

    wierd coolant issues w/ kx250f

    I know that the Kawasaki owners manual shows putting in the oil filter backwards. Yes the manual is wrong! My brother in law is going thru this right now with the dealer that he just bought his from. (Engine overheated) I guess the owners manual is exact opposite of the dealers service manual.I think Kawasaki is gonna have fun dealing with this issue!
  12. X2MAN

    Chinese dual sport motorcycles

    You'll like this! Takes time to load after clicking if on dialup so wait! Yamaha VS.Yamoto