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  1. tubman21

    Broken Foot pegs !!!!!

    I broke my right peg whilst landing from a step down, didn't case it. There is a stress issue with the pegs, I have heard of a lot of pegs breaking!! This should be covered under warranty.
  2. tubman21

    Hot Starting and Pegs

    Yea, actually in Ireland we have jumps and everything!! ...It was on a small step on step off section, it broke on the landing and I hit the next double with one foot on the left peg and one foot on the right hanger (thought my foot had simply slipped off the peg), scary stuff. Kawasaki told me there is no issue with them, so I PURCHASED a set of steel Pro Circuit pegs to be on the safe side. As far as hot starting goes, I have rode Honda for years and it would start in gear with hot start in...as for the Kawi, Neutral and it still took three laps!! Maybe I have just had a bad run!
  3. tubman21

    Hot Starting and Pegs

    Hey folks, im new to this forum, only strated following it once I bought my 450. Just wondering whether anyione has had any problems hot starting their bikes after a mid race crash. Also I broke one of the Ti pegs on my second outing, anyone else had any issues such as these? Regards Neil