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  1. But what about suspension then, could i use a front fork from an Africa Twin ?? and get an XR600 rear shock that's been shortened up ??
  2. thank you very much :-)
  3. I want to keep the engine, and the frame, at least :-) yes it's mostly for the looks, i think these bikes lokes awesome :-D
  4. Hi, yes i know, i've been asking quite a lot of questions lately :-) I was just wondering, is it possible to built a flattrack racer out of an XR600R?? I'm thinking something similar to this one: Tom
  5. hi, Sorry if it's been posted before, tried to search for it, but no answer came up. So my question is, what is the max rpm of a stock XR600R engine before hitting the rpm limiter?? that is, if a limiter is installed on the XR600 :-) Tom
  6. thank you very much all :-) An oil cooler is only necessary what installing a high comp piston, right ?? how much extra stress is put on the engine if installing a 10,5:1 high comp piston, perhaps bored to 628ccm ??
  7. ah yes.. :-) i must be somewhat blind ...
  8. sorry, but what FAQ ??? edit: found it :-)
  9. hi have been searching TTs forums and google, and found out that the most obvious oil cooler for the XR600 is the cooler from an XR400. but what are the alternatives ?? cheapers ones perhaps. I know it's in german, but you get the pictureÖlkühler.html would that be any good you think ?? thanks, Tom
  10. heh okay :-) thanks man
  11. i know... no this has always been an issue, i think (or maybe not an issue afterall). i bought the bike 7 months ago, but got it plated today. But i guess it is all normal. Perhaps my problem is that i have been used to my V-twin transalp for too long :-)
  12. Just a guy i know here in denmark :-) yes i ride with knobbies, but the vibrations feel mechanic. They also increase with RPM.
  13. And there's nothing to do about it ?? i was told that incorrect jetting could cause vibrations.
  14. I mostly notice it when riding on-road around 5000 rpm and up, that is in 5th.