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  1. supercrossPro

    is a 2000 rm100 frame that same as a 2001?

    but this a 100 so its the same?
  2. just like it says above,i am lookin into geting new plastics for my bike and i found a set and there off a 2001 kx100 wil this work? i kno the tank is differnt and i plan on buyin a new tank,but what i need to know is if the frame is the same,thnx!
  3. just like it says,cause i plan on changing the tank to a newer one becuase then i can run the newer plastics on it thnx 4 any help!
  4. supercrossPro

    Grip Problems

    or crf150 joe you can justmy 5min grip glue and be done in 5min instead of taking a hour
  5. supercrossPro

    ttr125 vs. crf150 4 supermoto

    **** you dude,if you hve a prob wit it then dont read it
  6. supercrossPro

    ttr125 vs. crf150 4 supermoto

    i nvr said the the ttr was better i just said it feels more snappier then a 150 just my opipon,calm down ppl
  7. supercrossPro

    CRF150 Over a CR80 For Racing?

    1st thing crf150 joe,you have been ridin for like 2 months now you barley know anything bout your bike at all,you have never even ridin a 125,so how would you know what the power is like? the crf is not a race bike at all,its not worth putting the money into it to makei t race ready,your better of shaving your money and putting it in your new bike,and if you said he likes to have bottom end torque then he should like the cr80 cuz the 2 strokes have lots of torque,if he is scarced of the bike then he will never get better cuz he will be scared to try new stuff-just my opipion
  8. supercrossPro

    ttr125 vs. crf150 4 supermoto

    crf150 joe,the ttr 125 is actually more snappier then a stock crf,your just used to having the pipe on your bike which adds torque,but stock for stock the ttr is snappier
  9. supercrossPro

    Pics of your CRF150

    dude cr150 joe your saying that you have to buy a 190cc kit to beat his bike,that means you need that extra power to beat his bike,but you dont have that power so bike for bike they way they are right now you cant win and you kno that,the only way you can win is with all that power(that you dont have) thats sayin that your bike is slow,and you cant ride it for crap,so before you say anything next time just make sure you back it up,and if your really in the mood to race ill race with my bike and hand your ass to you
  10. supercrossPro

    little story about my racing with my 150

    yea dude crf150joe,your bike is no where near fully modded,all you basically have is a air filter,and pipe,so sorry,but dont you even say that you have a bike that can beat a dvx400,and im agreein with everyone else cuz there is no way your bike can beat a crf230,so another lie that we have caught you in
  11. supercrossPro

    little story about my racing with my 150

    actauly red rider acrtic cat does make racing quads they have a dvx400 which i actauly have,and crfjoe there is no way you could take it in a drag,it does 70 stock,its 400cc,and yours is 150cc,wat are ****ed up or something there is no way you can win,so once agin your lieing
  12. supercrossPro

    Pics of your CRF150

    dude joe you dont know enough is enough,you said that you would take him on your bike with a 190cc powroll kit,but right now your bike doesnt even have that so dont even say you can beat hime cuz you have only benn ridin for like 4 months,his bike can totally take you,so dont even say anythinf next time unless you can back it up and actualy win
  13. supercrossPro


    lol sorry dude,just used to typing on aim,i will try to work on it though,thnx for the advice
  14. supercrossPro

    someone please help me with my 150

    crf250joe,you dont use dishwasher soap to clean a jet sry dude but your wrong,and also shucltz dont use speaker wire either wont work well at all,the few guys be4 were correct about themain circuit,jst follow what they have said previuosly and you will be golden