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  1. krm576

    Help - Cam timing TC610

    Single cam correct. this sounds like excellent advice - we will try this & let you know how it goes Thanks
  2. krm576

    Help - Cam timing TC610

    Still sparking Ok - so I assume the flywheel magnets are Ok. Hes bought a new chain now & tensioner slider (old one was worn & marked & can see where chain has been rubbing inside - so we think its because the cahin was so slack. Thanks for the advice though
  3. Hi all, my mate has a 1999 TC610 which stopped all of a sudden during racing at weekend & won't go again - compression is lower than normal. We have stripped it & the only thing that looks wrong is the cam chain is very loose & tensioner is at end of travel. So we suspect that the chain may have jumped a tooth or two and put the timing out. He is gonna buy a new chain - but dont have a workshop manual - only the owner manual 2 problems What is the spec and length of the timing chain ? And can anyone please help with how to set the timing ? We know exactly where the cams were in relation to TDC before we stripped it - but if it had jumped a tooth (or more) then this wll be wrong ! Thanks in advance Ross