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  1. Awesome, Thank you! Would you happen to have the stock fork shims as well?
  2. Does anyone have the stock shim stack for 2015 KTM 250sxf shock?
  3. plex23

    I keep blowing fork seals...

    Check for play in the bushings. If they are worn then the seals will leak all the time.
  4. LDR's first race is at Port Perry April 19th & 20th, 2008
  5. Inside Line Experience is Back! Would you like to hang out with the top Supercross riders in a small group, relaxed environment, attend the Supercross press conference watch a private practice, tour a factory rig, walk the Supercross track and get great seats? Here is how to make it all happen... Get your friends, family, co-workers and/or corporations to pledge donations to SickKids. ---> Sign up to receive online donations<--- or --->download our pledge form now<--- The top 10 fundraisers over $500 by March 20, 2008 will each win TWO (2) Inside Line Experience passes at Toronto Supercross. The Inside Line Experience Pledge Drive raises funds to support research at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. --->See pictures of last years Inside Line<--- Any inquiries please contact Joanne here
  6. Visit http://www.ldrmc.org Click on the forum. 1. Inside there go to Special Events. 2. Click on Charity event. 3. The details are in that thread. 4. All you have to do is download the pledge form, see if you can raise enough money to be the top fundraiser and win this awesome jersey. Challenge a friend, set a goal. People can donate online as well. Just have them quote Lakeshore Dirt Riders event number # 08ET0LDR in their donation and the money will all go to our event total. Charitable Business number 10808 4419 RR0001 every pledge $10 and over will receive a tax receipt. Every cent raised will go to Sick Children's hospital in Toronto. Please help make this an awesome year and get our donation way up there.
  7. plex23

    LDR Fun Weekend

    Lakeshore Dirt Riders 2007 Annual FUN WEEKEND At Cochrane’s AUGUST 4TH/5TH This 2 day event is for all LDR members and friends to enjoy good sportsmanship and companionship. SATURDAY: (August 4th) Exhibition Races include: 50 Relay, Big Bike Relay Teams (for charity). Wheelie contest- sign up early! *BBQ will be available -overnight camping allowed. Prizes have been donated for a draw to show our appreciation for your Member support. Other Entertainment: Children’s Two-legged race with the Directors Games for the children- bubble tag, water balloons Live music 9 pm to 11 pm by Immortality Games for the adults - Fun Foxy Boxing / Miss LDR Contest. SUNDAY: (August 5th) A fun filled day of non-competitive racing for all our members. Regular race schedule will apply, but no points will be awarded. Sign in at 8 a.m. Remember to be responsible for your children and guests. This is a fun time for our LDR families and a chance to relax and share some fun. Entertain responsibly!
  8. LDR has a new website http://www.ldrmc.org
  9. plex23

    Struggling with the jetting on my '02 426

    Try disconnecting the neutral wire ( I think it was sky blue on Canadian model) That allows for a stronger spark when bike is in neutral. I went from fowling plugs three times a summer to zero times.
  10. plex23

    YZ plastic on a 2002 WR?

    Thanks for the speedy reply!
  11. Will 2002 YZ plastic fit on a 2002 WR?
  12. plex23

    Clutch changing for WR426

    It's pretty easy. Lean the bike a bit so no oil will drip out when you take the cover off. A good trick to get the break lever out of the way is to push the rear break piston all the way in then push down on the break lever, it should go all the way down now, then use a tie strap or something to hold the lever out of the way. Remember to pump the lever a few times when your done to get your break working again. Another good idea I found was to put new springs for a YZ not a WR for an 02 bike. The stock WR springs don't allow the clutch to fully disengage (when the clutch plates are new). This is why the 02 WR426 was hard to start in gear! The YZ springs are 3/16" longer and will allow for the clutch to be fully disengaged plus they are a little stiffer so the bike hooks up better.