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  1. I would never buy one of those pieces of sh*t, dodge has so much nuts I could rip that frame in half
  2. outside,I got a bigger intercooler from a friend, cause im about to get a silver 62 turbo, but I still dont have very good mpg
  3. yea I cut out the cat conv. and the muffler, and have a air intake but I think straight pipiing made the mpg go down, theres so many choices on injectors, I dont know which ones.
  4. that and I wanna add some power
  5. that and I wanna add some power
  6. Ok I have a 01 dodge 2500 and I was wondering if I could only put 2 high performance injectors in, (6, inline motor) and just keep the other 4 stock in there? would that damaga anything
  7. Cedarpark, tx:excuseme:
  8. the fuel pump is in the gas tank, and it gets very hot
  9. girls:ride:
  10. I broke a shock on my crf and the dealer wanted 650 for one, so i found one on ebay for 75!
  11. wow..
  12. Ok, I have a 1998 Ford F150,(that I bought) I have been saving up for a new truck (ford diesel) since I was in 9th grade. working part time during school and full time for the past 3 summers. I have always wanted a diesel since I was about 6.I was gonna buy a used one since I dont have 30-50,000 dollars.and I will be buying this truck by my self, should I put down a downpayment and finance it? on the year I was thinking of 2000 and up? give me some ides.
  13. just wondering, what kind of equipment do you have?
  14. the thing that the arrow is poiting at? shock tightner
  15. why would you wanna put a cummins in a ford? why dont you keep ford motor.