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  1. 250_racer

    dodge diesel

    I would never buy one of those pieces of sh*t, dodge has so much nuts I could rip that frame in half
  2. 250_racer

    dodge diesel

    outside,I got a bigger intercooler from a friend, cause im about to get a silver 62 turbo, but I still dont have very good mpg
  3. 250_racer

    dodge diesel

    yea I cut out the cat conv. and the muffler, and have a air intake but I think straight pipiing made the mpg go down, theres so many choices on injectors, I dont know which ones.
  4. 250_racer

    dodge diesel

    that and I wanna add some power
  5. 250_racer

    dodge diesel

    that and I wanna add some power
  6. Ok I have a 01 dodge 2500 and I was wondering if I could only put 2 high performance injectors in, (6, inline motor) and just keep the other 4 stock in there? would that damaga anything
  7. 250_racer

    Anyone Near Austin Tx?

    Cedarpark, tx:excuseme:
  8. 250_racer

    2008 Info!!! You heard it here first

    the fuel pump is in the gas tank, and it gets very hot
  9. 250_racer

    What do 15 year olds ride?

  10. 250_racer

    Rear shock busted

    I broke a shock on my crf and the dealer wanted 650 for one, so i found one on ebay for 75!
  11. 250_racer

    check this nut out

  12. Ok, I have a 1998 Ford F150,(that I bought) I have been saving up for a new truck (ford diesel) since I was in 9th grade. working part time during school and full time for the past 3 summers. I have always wanted a diesel since I was about 6.I was gonna buy a used one since I dont have 30-50,000 dollars.and I will be buying this truck by my self, should I put down a downpayment and finance it? on the year I was thinking of 2000 and up? give me some ides.
  13. 250_racer

    Area51 Training Compound...

    just wondering, what kind of equipment do you have?
  14. 250_racer

    Can some one please tell me...

    the thing that the arrow is poiting at? shock tightner
  15. 250_racer

    gas and diesel

    why would you wanna put a cummins in a ford? why dont you keep ford motor.