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  1. 00drzs

    jetting advice for tr270 kit

    Hello, Have a Thumper Racing 270 kit going on the bike and looking for advice if you have this displacement. This is where I am at now: Stock Opened airbox Drilled difuser 42 pilot, 1 out 150 main, stock needle raised two grooves New york/ NorthEast/Sea level Thank you
  2. 00drzs

    Aftermarket exhaust

    Highmarker is correct. I bought the lexx from rmmc because i could not get an acurate weight over the phone. Side by side from what i remember it was almost identicle and then you needf to silicone the slip fit....yuk. The factory pipe has a nice leakproof seal. I uncork it for HS, all else I keep it in. Mine is a 2005, its a 30 second unscrew. I repackaged and rtned the pipe after seeing the weight. To save weight I went with a turtech battery .9 compared to 3.5lb. stock battery. ride
  3. 00drzs

    crf100 head light

    Hello, Looking to get a Baha Designs 110W stator and run a Trailtech x2 Torch head light (70watt). Anybody know of a good set up for the 100? thank you:worthy:
  4. 00drzs

    Bikemaster Tru Gel Battery

    Guys I am a huge fan of the turntech battery. .9 pounds as compared to 3.5 stock battery. I drowned my bike this year on a ride and had to pull the plug to get the water out. I tell you I cranked that thing to death and was amazed at the power of that little battery. I do not know the other batteries but I bought this at Brap off road and the guy could not be more helpful.
  5. 00drzs

    Best Handguards?

    I had the Rally ones, they were good but one day it tipped over and the clutch side broke, I just saw this happen last week on a ride as well. I have the Moose ones, wrap around ones, nice flexible hand covers screw onto the aluminum and have been glanced off soo many trees. I use powermadd ones on my pitbike but are more of a roost/brush guard.m hope this helps
  6. 00drzs

    Transmission oil?

    I always used penzoil 10-40 both sides. I switched to Rotella for a little more weight. Never an issue, run it in all my bikes. Best oil is clean oil
  7. thank you for the reply xplant I read all that I could find on the differences. The ss7 is apparently a bit thicker eventhough its a 5W and the HP works better at minimizing stiction. For kicks my '05 manual does say to use HP
  8. Went to Honda today to get the HP fork oil and they only carry the tall clear bottle ss-7 still a 5 wt along with some aftermarket fluids. Guy was unsure why they only had one Honda type and did not know the differences between that and the hp fork oil. I have 14 oz. left of the hp and just wanted to stay with what I had, anyone know the difference between the two? thank you
  9. 00drzs

    lighter xr 100 flywheel

    firepowerminis offers a service. I had him take the most off and it revs up quicker not a stalling problem either. That thing is made for a non rider to be able to dump the clutch and go, there is extra weight in the crank as well. Helps get the revs up quicker if you feather the clutch, go for it.
  10. 00drzs

    300xcw +/- crf250x, looking for thoughts

    Man team orange has good input, you guys have an active site, yeah some off topic but I’ll take it as a thought. At first reading I was thinking the 300 would be too much, now mixed. I am 160lb. and that has a lot to do with how a bike may feel to someone. I rode the 450r for 2 1/2 years but had to respect the gas. Pit biking let me realize winging the milder bike is more fun and predictable, 3rd ride on the 450 broke my pelvis. As stated it can get away from you before you know what happened. The roll on a 450 still makes me smile. As for working on the Hondas I never touched a valve or even removed a spark plug, just initial set up. I did the needle once and never needed to touch it again. ¼ turn out on the pilot in the winter ¼ turn in for the summer, done. Many ride with aftermarket air filters and ride it like a kx80. I am a B guy and stay from the limiter, everyone demands different things. Maybe I’ll swing a leg over the orange bike someday, thanks again
  11. 00drzs

    stock handlebar dimensions?

    Just went to 30.5 from 32, bark buster to barkbuster. 1.5 total did not seem like it would be much but yeah it feels different. Have yet to ride since change. Makes the bike seem smaller, hope I do not get head shake
  12. 00drzs

    Lightest battery? any weight saving tips

    Wow, never thought of switching to the R tank. A buddy has the R and the tank does not wrap around the frame like the X. From a rider feeling it could be worth the phycological weight gain in stead of actual weight. I think the R is 1.9 and X 2.1 gal., have to check. Wonder if the R tank will take a reserve petcock from the X? Nice to know you have a little extra. Shrouds different? R shrouds fit around the X radiators? time to search
  13. 00drzs

    300xcw +/- crf250x, looking for thoughts

    I didn't know the KTM was so heavy, however lifting and riding are different. My 250x is the same weight as my old 450R but a huge riding difference. The 250x stock is a pig. A little air box opening, bigger jet, 2 clips on the needle, a little uncorking of the pipe huge difference, not even the same bike. Gmoss, my 450r had great power, +13 oz. flywheel and Rekluse pro but I was jerky, gas/brake/gas, and it always wanted to stand up. Gyro stand up not wheelie. Bigger rotor up front, it was still hard to stop. The 250 is way less tireing, turns in easier and my right hand can actually twist without fear of the beast. I forgot what it was like to twist with the 450. Interesting you say 300 was too much. I think I like the calmer predictable power, 450 was too much in the tight. You mentioned riding below the pipe being boring, nail on the head. I went 450 to lug it and never have a valve issue. More fun riding a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. I rode a 200 and was not so impressed and the jetting seemed to be touchy on different days, I do remember riding below the pipe in the tight stuff and never rode it elsewhere to see different. Thank you for the insight. I heard the 300 was electric like and no pipe hit or surprise like a traditional 250 2 smoke, just broad power. Guys I hope to read more, I love the X but I do not want to live in a bubble either. Maybe I'll get to swing a leg over a 300/250 or get some more knowledge so I can keep up with KTM and the different bikes they make. ex,xc,exc, it gets confusing:thumbsup:
  14. 00drzs

    My feedback on Flatlands vs. Unabiker Rad Guards

    I have used flatlands in the past and they were great. I did in fact buy the unibiker ones for the X. They are thinner but they offer a brace and a cage as well as frontal protection. Bike was un crashed and they took some fitting but I am happy
  15. Go easy team orange, just sniffin out some thoughts. I have a ’05 crf250X. I Like the bike after coming off a crf450R after 2 ½ years. Two older (Upper 45ish) guys rave about the lightness of the 300, I think XCW. I like the title saying motorcycle and not ATV. The Honda has never let me down and is a great bike, I can hear some of you laughing. I do some track but I like the trails best and this bike can get me comfortable with the clickers. Can anyone here comment on the comparison of the two after riding/owning both? Thank you for your time team Orange:worthy: