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  1. mforget

    WR250R vs. DRZ400

    I will really have to test drive one of those wr250x bitches real soon..... The bike looks awesome if you ask me! I owned the DRZSM and now the 690SMR so it would be nice to compare those 3 bikes......And see if its just not a little overrated by all the yamaha nazi's.....
  2. mforget

    recomendations for next bike: motard?

    The ktm 690 LC4 is bulletproof, and do not vibrate like the olders LC4's...ive owned both bikes and dont get me wrong, the DRZ400SM is a sick bike, i had ton of fun with mine but i needed more power without any sacrifice in reliability. Thats why i ended up with a 690SMR....
  3. mforget

    Tell me why i should not buy a 690 smc!

    I own a 690(SMR version) and you should not worry about maintenance on those LC4 engines, they are pretty much bullet proof. I like the WR, but the SMC is just in another class, you cant compare those bikes!! Tibarus probably just cant handle all this extra power
  4. mforget

    Possible 690 Fi Solution!!!

    Anything new Rob??
  5. mforget

    High HOrse DRZ Vs. 690 SMC

    I have the leo vince dual exhaust on my SMR, i really like it! Its damn loud without the db killers!!
  6. mforget

    High HOrse DRZ Vs. 690 SMC

    Best looking SMC ive seen man!! I should have bought one instead of my "beakster" SMR..... Didnt know about the SMC at the time......damn!
  7. mforget

    Duke 690 vs. XB9SX

    SMR comes with marchesinis, i cant tell you if its a direct swap... Dont know the weight difference either, sorry.
  8. mforget

    Duke 690 vs. XB9SX

    Maybe it's related to the 625/640 lc4's.... i heard that the 625 engines had some leak problems. No solution yet from KTM for the lean problem, The Akrapovic mapping provided by KTM is supposed to be better than stock but still lean for bikes with aftermarket exhausts. I only had the stalling problem 2 or 3 times, always in first gear hand on the clutch. ive just installed an Leo vince full exhaust and now its stall more frequently when the bike is cold. My bike is sleeping right now for all the winter so i can wait a couple of months till snow goes off and see what some guys will achieve with the tuneboy during this time! I will probably get one as soon as someone get some good results with it.
  9. mforget

    Duke 690 vs. XB9SX

    Look over here and ktmtalk.com , i didnt heard such things from 690 owners, what i know is that they are in fact lean from factory and some people like me hit some false neutral between 5th and 6th sometimes.....thats about it!
  10. mforget

    Duke 690 vs. XB9SX

    Personnaly i would probably go with the duke.....but its a hard choice, i was considering this bike too before i bought my 690 smr. Suspension wise, i think the duke is ahead, probably a weight advantage too. Not a single problem with my 690 yet...... and its a blast to ride, i would not change it for anything!! I think you should try both bikes and then take a decision! In my opinion you should worry more about the buell reliabilty than the ktm 690's, thats one of the reasons i didnt bought the XB9SX.
  11. mforget

    690 Smr Mods

    Thats what i heard...... K&N #33-2515 Instead of the KTM one made by K&N at 125$ Anyone noticed a little difference with the K&N, or its just a waste of money???
  12. mforget

    KTM 690sm Dyno chart?

    Thanks scott!! I will do the mod !
  13. mforget

    KTM 690sm Dyno chart?

    What does this mod do exactly?? Do the stock bike have some rpm restriction in those gears???
  14. mforget

    690 Smr Mods

    Hi, i just sold my drz400sm for an 08 690 SMR, i need some advice on the first mods to do on those bikes..... I know exhausts will probably be the first thing.....wich exhaust provide the more bang for the bucks....i heard good things about leo vince exhausts.... Any airbox mods, or air filter replacement are recommended??? Thanks!!