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  1. hankdog

    1 1/8" Bars on a stock DR front end?

    I have the TAG metals 1 1/8" bar mounts and 1 1/8" ProTaper Contour bars on my V-strom, and plan to do this on a DR in the future. The TAG adaptors are very well made with a great high quality billet look to them. You can't go wrong with these bar adaptors (middle photo on this web page): http://www.tagmetals.cc/mx/productdetails.php?id=barmounts
  2. hankdog

    Does anyone know the size....

    No puller required, it's a standard splined sprocket. Nut is torqued to 54 ft lb. Nut is 27mm, same size as rear axle.
  3. Try your Yamaha dealer part number GYT-5TA24-00-CL for clear or GYT-5TA24-00-RB for blue. This is the 3.3 gal Acerbis tank listed in the Yamaha GYT parts catalog. My dealer was able to get me one in about 5 days, same price as Acerbis.
  4. hankdog

    Trailside Flat Repair Question...

    I carry a little squeeze bottle of liquid camp soap that I bought at a local outdoor store for about 97 cents. After I fix the tire, I can wash my hands with H2O from my camelback!
  5. hankdog

    Did all mods and rejetted,...but:

    When I put on my Yamaha AIS kit, I just used the gasket that was already on the exhaust port. I kept the new one that came with the kit as a back up...so far I haven't needed it. Do you still have the one you took off? Try that one...or get a new one.
  6. hankdog

    Budget boots

    Sidi Raptor Evo - Sidi quality at a pretty reasonable price, $185. Good SIDI buckles, high quality sole, just about perfect for trail riding. I probably wouldn't race in them, but I don't race - they are a great boot for the money.
  7. hankdog

    05 WR450 detonation - need help

    Just another thought...when I buy gas, before I start pumping into my bike, or gas can, I run a couple of gallons into my truck. That empties out the low octane gas left in the pump and hose from the last customer, and assures that I get all premium (93 octane) in the gas I'm putting in my bike. My '05 detonated a little on 91 octane, but does OK on 93...if I follow the above procedure. If you fill your bike directly from the pump without doing this, you could be getting 1/3 - 1/2 gallon of someone else's 87 mixed in with your two gallons of 93!
  8. hankdog

    2006 WR450 Exhaust Sound Level Tests

    The March issue of Dirt Bike shows 91 dB@4500 rpm for the stock pipe with the pea shooter removed, and the Q2 at 98.5 dB@4500 rpm. As someone pointed out the dB scale is non-linear, 7.5 dB is a huge difference in sound level. I know it ain't cool, but I like the stealth mode of my stock '05 pipe with the pea shooter pulled out. They did say however, that the WR is one of the few bikes on the market where changing the pipe actually does give you a horsepower boost, they show a 2hp gain with the Q2. On the Honda CRF450X, the HP actually went down from stock with the Q2, but the sound level remained the same - go figure?
  9. hankdog

    Spring riding in Mark Twain National Forest

    the Chadwick riding area is pretty gnarly for a KLR...trust me, I've tried it, now riding a plated WR450, and sometimes that feels too big for Chadwick! There are some really good KLR/dual sport roads in the area however - PM me if you want some help finding them. My first recommendation would be to pick up a DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer for Missouri and study grids 62 and 63 - you will find tons of good dual sporting roads suitable for a KLR. Stuff like Garrison ridge road, Deveraux road, Blue Creek road, and all the roads off the Gladetop trail over by Brownbranch, Longrun, and Thornfield. I live in Springfield and dual sported a KLR for about 3 years...if I can help, just PM me. I'm not trying to discourage you from going to Chadwick...some of the trails in Chadwick are KLR'able but as someone else mentioned things can get hairy pretty fast in there.
  10. hankdog

    Acerbis tank on WR

    Try rotating your carb slightly to the right...it may not be level. Mine was this way, the choke now contacts the tank when pulled out, but it stays out.
  11. hankdog

    Cycra Pro Bend Handguard Mounting

    I'm running the triple clamp mounts (side mount) on my '05. I also went out and got some high quality bolts that were 1cm longer as the stock triple clamp bolts don't have enough length with the additional thickness of the cycra mounts.
  12. hankdog

    Tire Life

    Yep, some of the guys around here do it. A die grinder works great! The guys I know just do the center knobs...
  13. hankdog

    Is a WR450 going to be too much for me?

    Spend some time working on your clutch and throttle control...doesn't matter how much horsepower you've got, the clutch and throttle determine how much gets to the rear wheel. You might want to take the beginning MSF class - most of the first day on the range is spent developing clutch and throttle control on small bikes in a controlled environment. You'll also learn some other good stuff that will apply to off road riding like looking where you want to go, turning your head in corners, braking, shifting, etc... Than go out and get the WR and have a blast, when it starts to seem tame, do the mods and let it rip! Getting the suspension set up for your weight and riding style is key also as others have suggested.
  14. hankdog


    GYT-R Done - there is a writeup on the RockGarden up in the "Thumpertalk Tested" forum. Take a look at that.
  15. hankdog


    I've been wearing the Bohn Crusader since last July. It's protected me in a couple of getoffs, and protects from branches, roost, etc. the rest of the time. I like the idea of having one protector I can put on like a jacket vs. the typical stuff, and it has in integral kidney belt which is nice for back support. In warm weather I just wear under a jersey, in cooler weather it goes under my jacket. I've even worn it over a t-shirt for street riding in the summer. Good product. Here's the U.S. distributor: http://www.actionstation.com/