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  1. fester235

    1998 Graphics

    Thanks for the reply. I like these http://graphicmx.com/ktmkit.shtml (scroll down to the swoop graphics). What do y'all think.
  2. fester235

    1998 Graphics

    Hi Everyone! I am trying to find some new graphics for my trusty 1998 125sx. The bike is getting a new pipe, plastics, etc, and I figure that it is not complete without a nice set of graphics. So far I have found this company http://graphicmx.com/ Does anyone else still make graphics for the 1998's. Is the company that I found reliable? Thanks in advance!
  3. fester235

    Motocross requires no endurance...

    When anyone says that to me, i let them ride my xr100. Watching them try to ride it is hilarious. Most of them can't use the clutch....
  4. fester235

    Best boot for the buck for under $200?

    I'd totally get the Berik OVS (even the RC ones). Thats what I have and they're great. My dad has the ARC boots too. Those are both great options. However I would stay away from the Thors. They look pretty cheap.
  5. fester235

    Front Number Plate

    I have a 1998 125sx and I was wondering if a newer style front number plate would fit on my bike. I was thinking like the 2007 style. Could the same be done with the front fender?
  6. fester235

    My XR 100 wont start what to do?

    I have an idea. Put it in first gear. Choke off. Open up the throttle and kick it. It might take a couple of tries. It works on my 2003 xr100
  7. fester235

    2003 XR100 selling, what's it worth?

    About 1400 for the xr.