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  1. UGA doesn't have it, but Clemson does. Northern Georgia has good riding huh? From Florida, I always here about this place in Georgia called Durhamtown. So so far, people have recommended northern Georgia, Colorado, North Carolina, and New Mexico. I don't think New Mexico is know for its universities though. I know Clemson and NCSU are good schools though.
  2. Yeah I have already trimmed back some of the colder areas of U.S. I'm a Florida person, and I just have hard time with anything colder than 40 degrees. Michigan is one of the places that I hear about having brutal winters.
  3. Yeah I know it's a long list but my investigation is just starting. These are the schools I found with industrial engineering ms programs. I always heard that Colorado was a great state for out door activities.
  4. After I finish my engineering degree in Florida, I'd like to continue on with a masters degree. Florida is a terrible state for off roading and trail riding, and I'd like to be in a state with decent weather, and great opportunities for trail riding (XR400 type stuff for example). I'd also like to be near an international airport. Anyone know which of these areas fit the bill? Arizona State University Auburn University Colorado State University-Pueblo, Pueblo Clemson University Florida State University Georgia Institute of Technology Iowa State University Kansas State University Lehigh University Mississippi State University Montana State University - Bozeman New Mexico State University North Carolina State University Oklahoma State University - Tulsa Purdue University San José State University Stanford University Texas A&M University Texas Tech University University of Alabama in Huntsville University of Arizona University of Arkansas, Fayetteville University of California, Berkeley University of Central Florida University of Florida University of Houston University of Louisville University of Missouri–Columbia University of Nebraska-Lincoln University of North Carolina-Charlotte University of Oklahoma University of San Diego University of Southern California University of South Florida, Tampa University of Texas El Paso University of Texas at Arlington Virginia Tech Wichita State University
  5. SoFlo

    "Dust to Glory" 2 part Vid

    Silt, like the silt at the bottom of the ocean.
  6. Guys, alot of you know alot about dirt bikes but are a little off on quads, which I'm sure you don't care either way. Seriously for a reliable, fast, trail bike, a 400ex would be really good, or even better a Z400. Let me add this though, Blaster's aren't unreliable, not anymore than any other twostroke. If you port and pipe them, the power will be similar to a 400, not better just similar. A Banshee probably is too much for trails, but if you mod it for lowend power, it'd be fine. Another cheap, decently fast, reliable, etc. quad is the 300ex. Really most of these quads at best will be as quick as the 125 more than likely, but that's the way it is.