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  1. yeah, I have one
  2. now THIS is a new one... WHACHUTALKINBOUT WILLIS ?
  3. EASY fix.......................... TWIST THE THROTTLE
  4. what amount of engine problems? I rode my 06 KX450f for a year, TROUBLE FREE, been on my 07 KX450f since October, once again, TROUBLE FREE so far the only thing that I "heard" of was the pin issue in early 06 models but that was addressed and corrected by Kawasaki FREE of charge I have yet to "hear" of any valve troubles (Honda) or busted tranny/crank issues (Yamaha) with the KX450f, its been pretty bullet-proof so far
  5. practice what you preach I have seen 2 grenaded 06 YZ450fs and 1 07 YZ450f these were big $$$$ problems, one of them blew the tranny so bad that it shot parts thru the case of couse Yamaha did NOTHING about these bikes, the owners had to eat it themselves now run along and quit embarrassing yourself
  6. I am calling bullshit on this one just another Kawi hater
  7. how many engine problems did you "hear" about with the KX450f? I have "heard" of 1 but I have yet to experience anything, I rode an 06 for a year trouble free, now I am over 3 months on my 07, trouble free
  8. not a lick of Red Bull anywhere on or near Stewart today at press day just like I said
  9. Bridgestone 401A/402A
  10. you can make one yourself, its VERY easy
  11. it is made in house at the Kawi race shop in Irvine. its just a piece of foam placed on the middle (on top) of the seat foam before they put the seat cover on
  12. I heard a rumor that Stewarts Red Bull deal is good thru December 31st 2006 and that he will be part of the Monster army come January 1st 2007
  13. I have never seen that happen:confused:
  14. looks just like my bike except for the number:thumbsup:
  15. the Pro Circuit Ti system with proper jetting makes a big difference 06 and 07