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  1. engineerfred

    eating the inner water pump seal.

    Up Date. When I took the old support and seals out it looked like the lip was gone. I just went out and pressed them out of the support and the the lip wasnt gone on the oil side the lip of the seal got turned inside out. I have no Idea how that could have happened?????
  2. engineerfred

    eating the inner water pump seal.

    There apears to be a washer next to the bearing on the inside of the head. I dont remember there being on on the outside next to the carrier. Also it is the later style with the screw holes to remove it. thanks for your replies
  3. I have a 02 520 mxc, last year i had the cam bearing oposite the cam chain come apart. The local shop here replaced the cam with an 03 cam all the bearings, chain follower ect. My last ride it started leaking oil out of the weap-hole. When i got it apart the oil side seal was comepletely torn apart. The seal lip was gone and the spring was spining around on the cam shaft. So I just replaced them both with a new carrier and all. When it got hot it started leaking water. So I took it all apart again half of the oilseal was already gone again. I only ran maybe 30 mins or so. Any Ideas?