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  1. twoofeach

    The Power Now Quickshot

    I have seen people disappointed by the results of the Boysen....I will wait for EFI.
  2. twoofeach

    White Brothers R4 re-packing?

    I remember having to re-rivet my old cannister. Ironically, it was for my YZ426 with a White Brothers exhaust. Make sure you do not use a drill bit that is too big. You can get a rivet gun from like 10-20 dollars depending on how much you want to spend. Actually, with a welder I modified mine to take allen head bolts but it was a little work.
  3. twoofeach

    ? about Air Filters

    That's right! Pre-Oiled filters for like a buck more than un-oiled. Lithium grease? Are you out of your mind? These filters have a super seal neoprene base that seal tight and requires NO grease. I started using these about two years ago and have not looked back. So, when you're greasing up the base of your filter, I'll be.....probably still in the pits.
  4. twoofeach

    Villipoto VERY Cocky!

    The next Ricky Carmichael? Let's see him win a few championships or ten before we start making coments like that. Cocky or not cocky? Who cares. The 250F should be a cock fight this year.
  5. They look better than mine. I replace everything at the same time. Also, since you have everything disassembled, it makes it easier. My front sproket is usually OK but since it is the least expensive, I change it as well.
  6. twoofeach

    Motion Pro Bleeders

    Drill and tap? Shine that noise. Get the Moose Racing Pressure relief valves. They replace the bleed screws on top of the forks. OEM fit. Tap and drill? Those guys.... www.mooseracing.com
  7. twoofeach

    Big Ben

    The only problem with that is they become a drain on our healthcare system.
  8. twoofeach

    Quick Air Filter Question!!

    The filter oil is very sticky. Pour some on the filter and work it in with one of those plastic bags they give you at the grocery store. Then wait a day or a few hours so the alcohol in the oil will evaporate. This is one of the most fundamental routines of riding a motorcycle. If you buy filters from Moose Racing, they have a neoprene super seal base that form fits to the airbox and you won't need ANY grease.
  9. twoofeach

    Do Not Buy Ktm!

    OK, I won't buy one.
  10. twoofeach

    Reed ----> honda rider

    I heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who...isn't that an REO Speedwagon song? Whether "Speedy Reedy" rides red or blue, I'm still slow so.....who gives a rat's arse. Come to think of it, who gives a rat's arse if I'm fast or slow? Let's wait and see if this is fact before we start dropping the hammer on each other.
  11. twoofeach

    How do I get more out of my 426???

    1) Put the plate back on. 2) Has the exhaust pipe been repacked? 3) '03 exhaust cam. The rings may be wearing out and the engine may need to be rebuilt but if it was running fine before and just suddenly started running weak, I doubt that those are the culprits. The plate allows you to get more back pressure or low end and get your wheel off the ground. Definately put that back on. The repacking. Does it have rivets or screws? If it has rivets, drill them out and go buy a rivet gun. Make sure you use the correct size bit that will NOT enlarge the holes. Any kind of packing will work. It doesn't have to be WB or FMF. '03 exhaust cam. The bike will start much easier. I did it to mine, and it was almost like getting a new bike. I had the exact same bike. If you need instruction for the cam mod, let me know. As far as other mods, the bike doesn't need much, especially for a beginner. I would put the plate back on TODAY and go from there. Also, some of my friends have experienced fine tuning problems with the jetting with the quickshot device and eventually scrapped it. A few short years ago, without much arguement, that bike was the best bike in the world.
  12. twoofeach

    YZ250F NOT Selling

    I know a guy that sold his almost stock 2003 YZ250F for $3500 about a month ago. I think the pool for prospective buyers for a 250F is smaller then for a 450F. If you'll take alot less, why not just slash the price and state firm? Good luck.
  13. twoofeach

    OLN is killing me!!!!

    OLN. OMG I fell asleep. I better drink some coffee next time. It was the same last year. ESPN, CBS or SPEED please step up. Look, it's better than nothing but the 1970 graphics? It reminds me of Wide World of Sports. I can do without all the interviews. Just show the racing. It's not like somebody is going to stumble on to the channel and say "Wow, MX looks exciting!"
  14. twoofeach

    What make of Air Filter do you use?

    DT-1, greaseless neoprene base.
  15. Yeah, SX is more of an exhibition for the masses. SX with the lights, whoops, lazer light show...it's all good but between the two, MX seperates the men from the SX only contract holders. The leaders coming down the hill...awhhh! If Reed or anybody else wants to ride SX only, that's their choice.