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  1. You could try the old friction tape method, You need black friction tape,razor blade,can of starting fluid. you very neatly tape from end of bar to where end of grip will be. very neatly tape do not overlap(VERY SLIGHT OVERLAP). get your grip, spray the tape on the bar with starting fluid(either) spray generously slip the grip on. with in a minute the grip is frozen on never to come off unless you cut it off. it does give the grip a bit bigger fell and some people do not like it. but it is fast easy and the grips are there till you cut them off.
  2. I have an new Big Gun EVO-X on my XR 650L i like it very well. i put 1,000 mile on it and the packing started burning out,i tryed to re-pack it with some FMF packing i had, with no luck.i called Big Gun and they hooked me up with a new packing kit. it will need re-packed every 20 hrs. or in my case about every 1,000 miles. : re-pack and re-tire. it is like 3 pipes in one, as it comes it has a quiet core/spark arester, you can pull out the quiet/vortex core and run it as a straight race pipe/very loud-opens bike up good,or run it as quiet-er with the spark arester in place, still with good power but more back pressure. my only problem is with haveing to repack,when the packing starts to go you know it- bike does not run as well and sounds rough.
  3. Does anybody know of any dual sport rides in south western P.A.,. I am new to the dual sport, But so far i am loving my XR650L. Any riders out there that want to hook up an put on a ride?.