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  1. 1997 honda XR400 with 440 kit and White Bros pipe. I've had it for 5 years now with no issues - super strong runner. Jetted perfect for the Kehin carb and set up. Didn't start it for almost a year and now my issues. Cleaned the carb thoroughly, new plug and it starts up like a champ with the choke on full. Pull the choke to half or full off and it won't idle and backfires. I know this is a too lean issue but checked all the carb and intake gaskets, primary and secondary jets are clean and primer needle screw is turned out where it should be. Took off the gas cap and unscrewed the primer valve even more with no improvement. Air filter is clean and oiled and there are no air leaks that I can see. Spark is strong at the coil and plug and just put in a new stator. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated..... Jim
  2. rjpetejr

    DR350 Fuel Problem

    Mike, Can't thank you enuff for figuring out the problem before I did. I emptied the oil and found an extra 2 quarts of gas like you did in the mix. Then I took the carb apart for the 10th time and found the main needle valve was sticking due to corrosion, so I hit steel wool to the chamber and valve sides. The hard jumps I took must have stuck the float and even though I emptied and cleaned the carb multiple times, I never figured that the chamber was corroded. It purrs like a baby now (high and low end) and I hate to admit it, but my buddy is going to buy my DR350 (now that it is fixed) as I picked up a xr400 last year loaded with the 440 kit and tons of extras. The Dr350 was an awesome bike until I had this unknown problem, but the Honda XR turned out to be soo much more of a four stroke king that I can't go back....... Thanx again, Jim
  3. rjpetejr

    DR350 Fuel Problem

    Mike - thanks for the update, I haven't had a chance to diagnose it yet but this could be my problem too. when I first had the problem I was doing a lot of jumps so thought it was a stuck float. I also spilled hard that day. After it acted up later I checked the oil and it was too high so I drained a bunch. How does the gas get into the engine though??? Will check it tomorrow... Jim
  4. rjpetejr

    DR350 Fuel Problem

    Hey Mike, Did you figure out this problem cuz I have the same with my 91 DR350? I have had the carb off numerous times and checked all the components: diaphram, float, jets, etc and can't figure it out. Another Dr350 owner told me it could be the petcock so I switched to my desert tank and still the same - it spits out fuel into the lower airbox runs crappy and pops for a minute, then quits. Hopefully one of us will figure this out.... Thanks, Jim