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  1. bikeanddestroy

    Fork Leak. DIY???

    Sounds good, I actually have a couple of friends who work or have worked at local shops around here, so maybe I'll need to pick up a half rack as well as the other stuff I'll need. I found this site and this helped a ton, at least for visualizing everything: http://www.crf450x.net/2007/01/15/crf450x-crf450r-honda-showa-fork-seal-and-fluid-change/ Obviously gonna be a little different, but for the most part, good visual aid it seems. I'll post back with how it goes after everything goes down...
  2. bikeanddestroy

    Fork Leak. DIY???

    I'm about to do mine on my 99 CR250, kind of nervous, but like anything else I've done, just figure I'll take my time, use my manual and see what I can do. Anything else I might need besides the pivot works kits and oil? Any tools I need besides a basic sets of wrenches?
  3. bikeanddestroy

    Dirtworks in Tacoma??

    It's pretty plush as it is, the guy I bought it from had it set up for his weight, which is a good 40lbs less than me and for trail riding, so with my weight, yeah.... I'm gonna talk to a good friend of mine who used to work as a mechanic at a local motorcycle shop and see what he says and what he can do for me. If he can't help me out, I'll give dick a call and get the ball rolling.
  4. bikeanddestroy

    Dirtworks in Tacoma??

    Well, if nothing has been done since the receipts I have, then nothing has been done since september of 2001, which is a few years at this point. I'll try the negative trick, but I think both are leaking now, it was only the right side, now it's both after my last ride at beverly over the weekend. So, regardless of where I go, should I just ask for them to do new seals or should I ask for anything more and how much should I expect to pay for just new seals? I think my friend had klevenger do his and both times were around 125, just for new seals/labor.
  5. bikeanddestroy

    Dirtworks in Tacoma??

    I bought a 99 CR250 a little over a year ago, came with all receipts and a box of all the stock parts. Nice bike, VERY WELL taken care of. So a couple rides ago, I started to notice some oil dripping from the forks, okay, time to take them in. I look through my little file I got and it says dirtworks in tacoma, but no number, just all his notes and how many clicks he did on the front and rear. I've also never had to get my forks done in the first place. So my question is, is dirt works a good place to go in the tacoma area? I'll drive a little ways, but I can't be taking any two hour trips anytime soon. Does anyone happen to have any contact information? Also, what do I actually need to get done? I heard revalving and doing the whole nine yards is worth it's weight in gold, but just not sure if I even ride enough to warrant dropping four hundred bucks, I'd love to, but as it I only ride once a month, four times during the summer. So I wanna get the forks going again, healthy and feeling good, just not going to hurt the bank, so what should I have done regardless of where I go? Thanks for any advice!
  6. bikeanddestroy

    Dunlop vs. Michelin

    I'll put one more vote up for the starcross tires, love em!
  7. bikeanddestroy

    Night Riding

    Depends on the bike you have. If you have a klx or drx, the stator is already wound and you cna be riding with a 65w light in under an hour. Me and another friend form this board have had a few three hour night sessions. Like, two in the morning terrorizing housing developments in the area. No one can hear us and you can see pretty good.
  8. bikeanddestroy

    Cheapest place to buy OEM klx110 parts

    I think bikebandit has a good selection, not sure how the prices compare though... bikebandit.com
  9. bikeanddestroy

    new to a klx110...

    I was going to say the same thing. Drill out the air box, but be careful this time of the year, don't go crazy. If you know how to drill or use a dremel, take the exhaust off and bore it out on the header end. Find a tutorial for it though, if you go to fast, I've heard they will crack. Another important thing that should only cost a couple of bucks is to replace the foot peg mounting bolts. I'm not sure if they fixed this problem in 2006 yet, but they don't use all available threads, so get some of thos ejust in case you plan on messing around them as well... But yeah: http://www.planetminis.com/forum.php http://www.50riders.com/forum/
  10. bikeanddestroy

    top end in 110

    I'll give it a courtesy bump, those are allowed right?
  11. bikeanddestroy

    top end in 110

    yeah, if you can find that, lemme know. The local dealer couldn't figure it out either. They are gonna call kawasaki on monday to find out for me, but the sooner I can get those parts on the way the better. thanks man!
  12. bikeanddestroy

    top end in 110

    I've never actually rebuilt a four strokes top end, is there anything different then with a two stroke???
  13. bikeanddestroy

    top end in 110

    So I got a used 110 and the thing smokes like hell. I was going to get that Trail Bikes 134 kit, but don't really have the money to drop for that and the other things I should do along with it. So I'll just rebuild the top end and make sure everything is going good inside, maybe even do a little bit of work to the head and save some money for next spring and go 134 or bigger then... So I've been checking out bikebandit and the kawasaki sites and everything looks like I'm good to go except the wrist pin bearing. It doesn't make sense that there isn't one listed. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions. I'm going to give the shop a call tomorrow, but figured I'd do a little research here, you guys seem a bit more knowledgable then some of those guys. Anyways, here is the schematic off the bike bandit site if that helps... bikebandit link...
  14. bikeanddestroy

    Any problems in early CRF 150's?

    If this is the one out in enumclaw, I was thinking about getting that one for my girlfriend. If the bike is in decent shape for the price, snag it up, such a damn good deal. I think I'll get a 110 for a pit bike and let her learn the ropes on that thing before I get her the crf or a ttr125. She's only ridden once in her life and it was an auto xr70, hah! Anyways, enjoy the bike if you get it!
  15. bikeanddestroy

    110 graphics??

    There are tons of graphics out there, some cool, some pretty boring. There is a guy around here who will do custom graphics for a pretty penny. I've heard from about 50 bucks to 100. For around, 50 it isn't too bad, so I might design some up. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a way to get templates of these or if anyone has some stock graphics and wants to scan them up? Just thought I'd ask. I'd rather of an exact template to give him then whichever way he cuts them... thanks for any help/advice! dustin