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    twin air power flow kit ?

    Sorry I posted it twice. I am new to this site and couldn't find my post from this morning.
  2. I ride a crf 450X. My stock air filter needs to be replaced as it is coming apart. I was wondering if paying the $120 for the power kit is worth it or if I should just spend $30 on a standard air filter. I would also like to understand how the power flow kit works as apposed to a regular air filter. Thanks, Rock
  3. I ride a crf 450x and it is time to replace the stock air filter. I was wondering if anyone has used the twin air power flow kit. The set up costs $120 as aposed to a $30 dollar air filter. Is it worth the extra money and what are the differences between a regular filter and the power flow kit?
  4. My Name is Rock and I ride a crf 450x in very rocky terrain. I want to get a pressure suit or body armor. I have seen products from sixsixone, axo, avonics and I am sure there are more. I would like to find out which brand of gear you guys like best, based on comfort, protection, and durablity. Thanks, Rock