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  1. rohin13

    '05 3rd gear makes rattling noise & runs bad

    No it's definitly coming from the tranny. It only does it in 3rd gear. In third gear it doesn't have the power it should. not even close. I've never seen one of these trannys but I'm guessing a gear got shredded. Anyone know about these?
  2. I was on my '05 crf250 yesterday, first time for the season, and I noticed a rattling sound. I coul'nt find anything loose so I just started to ride again. I figured out later it only rattles in third gear and it doesn't run right. I've never worked on a bike transmission so I don't know what its all about. Anyone know exactly whats up? I'm a good mechanic so i'm just seeing if someone has had this prob before and know what parts I would need. Hopefully i won't have to split the case. I already have a 450 i have to do that to. Thanks for any help and advice. Rohin
  3. rohin13

    whatto do to a new crf?

    The wc braces are better than nothing but there are a couple other brands that are alot better. Flatland racing are the best by far that i've seen.
  4. rohin13

    XR 650 inverted fork ?

    If anyone is doing this mod (crf forks on thier xr650) I'll buy your xr650r forks. email at milesdavis113@hotmail.com.
  5. rohin13

    I Need xr650r forks

    Anyone have these forks for sale? I bought a bike with bent ones.
  6. rohin13

    bent front fork on my xr650r

    Cool. Thanks for the replies and advice. I guess I'll try to bend it back somehow.
  7. rohin13

    Gay Exhaust XR650L ...

    I found this thread rather entertaining.
  8. I bought a 2001 xr650r a couple months ago and just started working on it today to get it running right and while ridding it I noticed the bike wanted to lean to one side and when I applied the front brake it would jerk the wheel to the other side. At first I thought the forks were just twisted but no, I took off the forks and found one of them quite bent. Has anyone seen this before. Anyone have some forks for sale?
  9. rohin13

    Won't go into second.

    I Checked it out. the shifters in the right place. definatly not that prob. Thanks for the help though.
  10. rohin13

    Won't go into second.

    I was ripping on my crf450r the other day and all of sudden it would'nt switch to second gear. It would just go into nutrual. Every once in awhile I could get it into second if I reved it high. otherwise the bike runs great. Any Ideas what this prob. could be? Ro