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  1. if you haven't changed the spark plug do it anyway good spark means nothing as I have found. I had all sorts of starting and running issues and overlooked the spark plug because it looked like it had spark. New plug and hasn't missed a beat
  2. Take bearing numbers into bearing supplier.
  3. nutta

    2006 CRF450R Clutch Basket wobble

    I had one of the problems which was basket wobble. went through the process of replacing every thing from clutch basket, drive gear (which is outer race of the needle bearing), collar (which is the inner race of needle bearing) and the needle bearing. still had wobble after all parts where replaced. Any one digging up this thread should know that some wobble is normal. Still very important to make sure you assemble your outer basket correctly if replacing it, as discussed. The play is in the needle bearing.
  4. nutta


    Yeah I had done that but isn't it a pain when you have to pull it off every time to refill with gas. I'm going to try and aftermarket cap, hopefully they're not as wide.
  5. nutta


    did anyone have trouble fitting splitstream sock. my fuel cap doesn't fit inside the neck of the filter properly and pushed the entire filter into the tank. bike is 2009 crf 450 with stock fuel cap.
  6. nutta

    Talon hubs and wheel fitment

    only thing which concerns me is that excel have different part numbers for their rims for different manufactures. for example yamaha rear rim to go on current 450 with 36 holes is GEK622, suzuki same rim is GEK610.
  7. I bought a set of second had talon hubs laced to SM pro wheels. problem i'm having is with the rear wheel. wheels came of a crf 250 1.85 wide and i need a 2.15 wide rim so i'm thinking no big deal i'll just get a new excel A60 rim as the SM pro rims where not that great anyway. About to buy a rim for 09 crf 450 and found out the talon hub i have takes 36 spoke rear rim and stock is 32. So my question is what rim do i buy? will a suzuki 36 spoke rim fit the talon hub? wheels where off a 2008 crf 250.
  8. had sidi crossfires for 5 years stood the test of time still wearing them. I feel though these boots caused my foot to break in 4 places in a bad crash. If i wasn't wearing them i'm sure my foot would have snapped in two. I'm going to try sg12's next as they are getting rave reviews. the area where i broke my foot was across the metatarsals (middle of foot) where the plastic toe cap ends before the first buckle. plastic toe cap cut into my foot when i landed on front pad of foot. Still recomend them though had 4 good years out of them.
  9. nutta

    Works Connection Parts

    i disagree bought rad braces for 09, shocking fit. All of the plastics on my bike didn't line up had to make many adjustments by bending mounts and what not. plastics to this day still don't marry up.
  10. nutta

    '09 subframe

    got mine from sevice honda online shop shipped to australia for $430. you shouln't have any troubles finding one.
  11. nutta

    CamP and others, washing air filters...

    if kero and other solvents you are using atack your filter try using mineral turps. I recall reading an article in a magazine about cleaning filters and it was what manufactures recomended. i like to dunk my filters in a bucket of turps to break up the oil. then i wash the filter by hand in a tub with washing detergent. chuck it in the washing machine on spin then let it air dry usually takes about 2-4 hours to dry depending on the wheather:thumbsup:
  12. nutta

    2009 crf 450 top notch

    S/E Queensland
  13. nutta

    2009 crf 450 top notch

    sorry should have put before finishing break in rode it for prob 2 hrs
  14. nutta

    2009 crf 450 top notch

    Bought one about 2 months ago sent ecu to edie before even breaking it in. got ecu back took it for first decent ride today and all i can say is i love it. I was ridding a 2004 250sx and all i can do is wonder why. eddies map definatly helped low speed stalling didn't totally eliminate it but made i much less frequent (probably more rider than bike, first 4 stroke). Remap also made power delivery very nice. I am very glad i gave honda a try for fuel injection.
  15. nutta

    2009 gas in oil again

    well the dealer i bought my 09 of in australia gave me the option of a 2 year warranty for extra 700$ i jumped at the idea. All i have to do is take the bike in every three months and get them to service it. Most probably going to cost me more but considering that this is a new model bike i thought it would be worth it. I haven't had to use it yet but nice to know im covered if one of these pproblems occurs.