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  1. hosko11

    Need help from Sherco owners!

    I could be wrong, but from the pictures of the meca guards that thillsam has posted before, they don't seem to provide any penetration protection across the front of the radiators like the force ones do.
  2. hosko11

    Need help from Sherco owners!

    Yep, I agree with gooders. The guys at Powerhouse are top blokes and will look after you. I brought my bike from them and they've been more than happy to ship parts to me when I've needed them. They also carry Force radiator guards if you're ever after any. Cheers, Hosko
  3. hosko11

    Sherco 4.5i and 5.1i ADVICE

    Hey finni1, Congrats on the new scooter! I picked up an 07 4.5i a while ago and yes they definitely live up to the expectations. Refering to the top photo in the manual on page 102, that black fitting which is being held in the photo, you just need to squeeze the two "tabs" on it. In the photo it looks the thumb is actually pushing on one of these. Holding these tabs in, you then slide the fitting off the male connector. I find it takes a bit of force to do it. It's good to have a rag handy because there will be a bit of fuel in the line. Where are you planning to mount your hour meter? I mounted a sandec one in the airbox by zip tying it to the sub frame rail on the side, but have found it a pain in the butt when removing the air filter. I think I'll be moving it on to the radiator guards. Cheers, Paul
  4. Hey Bryce, I'm looking to order a Japanese V-Cross 3 through the same guy you brought yours if he can source some more (Max Sports Outlet on ebay). How did you find the fit of the helmet? Was it the same as a US VX-Pro3? I ask because Arai have different internal fits for the same helmet depending on the market, ie Asia, US or Europe, but I'm not sure it extends across all helmets in the their range, especially the VX-Pro3/V-Cross 3. Thanks, Paul
  5. hosko11

    Sherco 4.5i and 5.1i ADVICE

    Hey guys, Great thread with some great tips coming out! I picked up an 07 450 several weeks ago and I gota say they look pretty damn good in the flesh. I've only managed to get out riding once so it's still early days to say how it feels, but if it's anything like the 06 450 demo I rode for a while I think I'll be quite happy. I think some work on the forks will be a necessity, but I'll let them bed and have a play with the clickers before deciding whether they need some specialist internal adjustment. I'm still unsure about the rear wheel speedo sensor. In the past I've relied on trip distance to roughly judge remaining fuel and whether it's time to head back to the car. I'm just not sure how it will work with the rear wheel sensor. Logic tells me it should be more accurate than front wheel for monitoring fuel but then not accurate to indicate the distance travelled due to wheel spinning. And why would Sherco bother to run a sensor all the way to the rear when it would be easier to go to the front wheel - there must be some logic?? Has anyone bothered to install a sensor on the front wheel instead or considered doing it? Also, is there a fuel mixture adjustment screw on the throttle body? I'm sure I read or heard somewhere there was one and there seems to be a screw located on the bottom of the throttle body which has an access hole in the black cover. If this is the case has anyone attempted to rig up a DIY O2 sensor and gauge which can be installed in the O2 bung hole in the header and used to accurately adjust the mixture if necessary? Cheers, Hosko
  6. hosko11

    Hilslamer's 2007 Sherco 5.1i

    Greg, I'm sure my mates think I poke along at granny pace, especially at the moment whilst I try and get back into it, but hey I'm enjoying myself. To be honest the 'exotic' factor was actually more a detractor for me, but the smoothness and consistent feel the EFI delivers and the fact the bike is a forgiving ride were the clinchers. I don't get to ride that often, so when I do I want to be able to enjoy it and ride all day. (BTW, my experiences are based on 2 short demo rides and a further full 7 hour ride) I think the real beauty is someone like Hilslamer can then jump on one and also be very competitive. Definitely throw your leg over one, better still take one for a ride if you can, that's when you'll really only know if it's the bike for you. Happy shopping. Cheers, Hosko
  7. hosko11

    Hilslamer's 2007 Sherco 5.1i

    Hi Greg, Recently I rode a demo 05 450 on a stinking hot day and to my surprise it boiled several times during some slow climbs, where as the Husaberg 450 I was riding with didn't. I too was concerned about this and was trying to understand whether it was a common issue. Anyway, afterwards it transpired the outlet on the left hand side radiator had been squashed previous to me riding the bike and was letting through very little flow. To in someway confirm this damage probably was the cause, the 06 450 demo I'm currently using didn't boil at all this weekend (no change in the overflow bottle level), while the SAME Husaberg boiled many times during the course of the day after slow hill climbs (not that the Husaberg is a great yard stick LOL). Anyway, after my initial concerns I'm a lot more comfortable that boiling isn't going to be a problem with these bikes as this latest outing confirms what Tim said and also other sherco riders I've spoken with. As an overall bike for trail riding I've gotta say the Sherco is fantastic. I hadn't ridden for more than 2 years and was riding the Sherco up some daunting, pretty rutted and rocky hill climbs with ease (and I can assure you it wasn't skill that got me to the top). It would have to be one of the most forgiving bikes I've ridden, it let me get away with alot and when other bikes would have stalled the sherco kept ticking over. In the single trail goat tracks it was superbly balanced and really did change direction exceptionally well - you find yourself riding feet up all the time, although I'm still wondering whether this really is good or bad practice, maybe it's just lazyness . Then when the trail opens up the thing really does fly. It's actually deceptively quick, you find yourself going quicker than you thought when the corners come up. I can't wait for the 07 to rock up. The weekend ride confirmed I've made the right decision. Sorry Tim for highjacking, but your enthusiasm is contagious Cheers, Hosko
  8. hosko11

    Who own's a Sherco Thumper here

    Hey Klas, So, are you saying the switch used to choose ignition operating curves on the 07 models was a jumper on the earlier models? Thanks, Hosko
  9. hosko11

    Hilslamer's 2007 Sherco 5.1i

    Hey Hilslamer, I've decided to bite the bullet on an 07 450 which will hopefully arrive in the next few weeks. In preperation I wouldn't mind getting some radiator guards to put on it straight away. You've previously said you use the meca system rad guards which you were going to swap across from your 06 450 to 07 510. Did they swap across without a problem? I assume they originally fitted without a problem to the 06. Who in the US did you get them from? I can't seem to find anyone in Australia who sells them. Thanks, Hosko
  10. hosko11

    07 Shercos

    Has anyone had a chance to ride either the 4.5 or 5.1 07? I'd be keen to hear your impressions especially if you've also ridden an 05/06 and can add some comparisons. I'm looking to put some money down on an 07 4.5 after having ridden both an 05 and 06, so just want to make sure I won't be in for any rude shocks. Cheers, Hosko
  11. hosko11

    Hilslamer's new Sherco 4.5i

    I'd really keen to ride the bike with a stock muffler to see how it behaves out of the box now. Unfortunately both the 05 and 06 dealer demo's i've ridden had modified mufflers, and the torque these things produced was incredible, plus the benefit of it feeling very smooth. I think one of the dealers claimed he got almost 10% extra power based on dyno tests with the modified muffler, I'm not sure what the effect was on the torque. All the same, I reckon I'd be still grinning like a madman even if stock power/torque was less than what I've experienced and it might also give my mates 450 berg a bit of a chance in drags. Also, I've spoken with the importer here in Oz about boiling and it seems there may have been an issue with the 05 model as the factory sent out a new impellor and overflow bottle not long after the bikes arrived in oz. The 05 I rode had these parts installed but I guess (or hope) the factory may have made more changes to the 06 which improved cooling further. Any news on when the 07's will be arriving in the US? I think they're supposed to be here about the middle of March, hopefully I can wait that long without a ride.
  12. hosko11

    Hilslamer's new Sherco 4.5i

    Hi thillsam, I've been reading through your thread with great interest as I'm currently looking to get an 07 450 here in Australia after test riding an 05 and 06 in the past week. Anyway, earlier in the thread the issue of boiling was raised. You said you've never had the bike boil, however whilst I was test riding the 05 it boiled a couple of times, admittedly it was slow going and a hot day, but the husaberg I was riding with didn't have the same issue. It's was also commented on a forum over here that some 4.5i bikes on a ride were witnessed doing the same thing when no other bikes were having a problem. What I'm particularly interested in is whether you've mod'd the muffler (changing the internal configuration) which seems to be a recommended change by the retailers over here and MikaH mentioned it in the thread as well? If you did, did you make any ECU mapping changes? I don't think the guys here are changing the mappings and one of the retailers who does the mod mentioned the bike goes from a factory slightly rich setting to an optimum burn. This has made me wonder whether there might be a slight coincedence between the leaning off of the engine and the tendancy to boil as the bike I was riding had had the mod done. I'd be really interested in your opinion. Cheers, Hosko