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  1. 4stroker1

    2017 CRF450R :)

    with heavier fork- springs the handling is away
  2. 4stroker1

    What bike should my friend buy?

    sorry sorry, had not seen he is a boy. For that KTM is right and very good. But please the smaler sizes 65 or 85cc with different wheels.
  3. 4stroker1

    Need new bike give me ops

    Honda CRF250R is the best bike for you!
  4. 4stroker1

    What bike should i buy?

    Take a CRF250R up from 2014. Ride and have fun with that bike. Best cornering and engine characteristic for you.
  5. 4stroker1

    What should I do?

    Buy a KTM 450EXC or a Beta 450 Enduro. Than you have all you need and much fun.
  6. 4stroker1

    CRF450r or xr600r?

    Buy a KTM EXC 450 or 500 up from 2014
  7. 4stroker1

    What bike should my friend buy?

    Buy a KTM 300 EXC up from 2013. You can do everything with this bike.
  8. 4stroker1

    What 2017 450 to buy?

    Go to KTM and buy a 350 from 2016 or 2017. That is the gun for younger riders.
  9. 4stroker1

    17 crf450r electric start

    Buy a KTM. Is the better bike i think. Honda has now in 2017 not anymore different gearbox oil, heavy weight and handles not better as an RMZ 450 from 2009. You have although to invest in a good chain, fork mods, ignition mods.
  10. Hello, first a Happy New Year to all and JD! Have bought now a JD Kit from Thumpertalk and now fixed it for my 07 CRF450 R. Rest of the bike ist stock. My current setting: JD red 3. 190/42/1 3/4 bike rans to fat i think. What to do? What jetting are you running??? 100 meters from sea - level-10 degrees celsius now. 4stroker
  11. 4stroker1

    How to make 07 crf 450 smooth down low

    But i saw, the cylinderhead of the 07/08R looks different to the 05/06R 4stroker
  12. 4stroker1

    How to make 07 crf 450 smooth down low

    what about a.hozcam stage 2 and a high compressoin piston 13:1 from woessner? or better head porting? 4stroker1
  13. Hello, please help a little. I have bought a new 07 CRF 450. Before i had the 05 Model. I liked that bike. Cornering and handling is much improved in 07. But the engine hits very strong down low!!! How can i get the bike more linear like the 05 CRF 450? I changed the main-jet from 178 to 174 changed the pilot-jet to 45 What to do? an other cam, change carb-setting, change to jd-jetting??? what sizes of jets? I live in northern-germany (sea-level) 2th place sen. 2008 4stroker
  14. 4stroker1

    07 CRF450 carb- setting

    He Experts, i have a CRF 450 R7 bought new some month ago, This is my 3. CRF. First I had a 05 than 06 and now the 07. What i need is an engine in the characteristics like the 05 CRF 450 with that linear power. The 07 comes for me to strong down low!! Iam 53 year old vet racer. 3.Place 2008 in our northern-championship. I have extras in on my bike: twin-air powerflow and Akra EVO. What can i do, to make the 07 running like the 05? carb-setting? camshaft? flywheel? thanks for your help! 4stroker1