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  1. mikepote

    BSR36 vs. FCR39.

    Excuse the ignorance,but can you visually easily see which carb you have? I have a 2004 E,but cannot see any names/markings visible,although I have not removed tank etc. Can someone post a pic of the FCR ? Thanks in advance.
  2. mikepote

    Valve Clearances

    Help Please ! After putting it off for some time now,I finally got around to checking the valve clearances on my 2004 E. As I have only done about 30 hours,I fully expected to be midway in spec. Results as follows:- Inlet .005 & .006 inch and Exhaust .008 . As the exhaust is right on the lower limit as per the shop manual,should I re-shim now,or wait a few more hours ? Should these be adjusted to midway of spec,or to the upper level,as my understanding is that tappets get tighter,not looser ? Are there any detailed threads on removing the cams & shims on the forum,I cannot find any ? Thanks to all the forum contributors,it is a hive of info.