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  1. coilcab

    Best Power Mod For Te250

    I have a 300kit in my 05 TE250 and full leo vince exhaust. So much better everywhere in power. I was going to trade mine in for an 09 model but couldnt way up the extra money for fuel injection and smaller tank.
  2. coilcab

    XR650R clutch

    Thanks for the info guys - the bush has only seized into the clutch basket and not on the shaft so it looks like ill have to use more pressure in the press to get it out
  3. coilcab

    XR650R clutch

    Hi everyone, My xr650r 2000 model clutch wont disengage at all. Pulled it all apart and found the clutch basket bush seized in there. I know the early models had a problem with these but now I cant get it out of the clutch basket. I tried pressing it out but no luck and dont wont to break the basket. Anyone had similar problem or any advice. Thanks
  4. coilcab

    What does KTM stand for???

    K eeps T aking M oney
  5. coilcab

    XR650R Ohlins rear shock

    Hi, Has any one used an Ohlins rear shock in there XR650R. Only riding I do is 100% dirt, no road. Any comments thanks.
  6. coilcab

    XR650R hydraulic clutch

    Does anyone have any pics of it setup esp at the clutch arm end
  7. coilcab

    XR650R hydraulic clutch

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has a Magura hydraulic clutch on there xr650r. Is it worth the effort to fit, do you get a lighter clutch pull, any pics of it fitted would be good.
  8. coilcab

    XR650r USD conversion

    Forgot to mention I rode a 2007 model Husky TE510 and was very impressed with the forks on it. Should I stick to honda components or try other.
  9. coilcab

    XR650r USD conversion

    Hi, Just wondering if you guys have done any up side down front end conversion besides using CRF450 or early CR forks. I can get 2004 model CRF forks at a good price and am pretty sure thats the way I will go. Im not worried about tripple clamps as I can machine my own so I can use any model front end.
  10. coilcab

    Painted frame

    Hi, I have a XR650R and want to paint or powdercoat the frame black. Has anyone done this and does anyone have any pics to show. Thanks
  11. coilcab

    XR400 rear brake

    I would if i had a XR400 but i dont. I want to know as i have a XR650R and can get a rear XR400 wave braking disc and wanted to know if it will fit.
  12. coilcab

    XR400 rear brake

    Hi - Can anyone tell me what diameter the rear brake rotor is on a XR400
  13. coilcab

    XR650R rear brake

    Hi - Does any know if a XR400 rear discs will fit onto a XR650R
  14. Hi, Just wondering what is the best time to exercise. Is it better to exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast or wait an hour or so after OR is it better to exercise before dinner or wait an hour or so after dinner to exercise. Thanks
  15. coilcab

    New Motor advice

    Hi - I have a 2002 model wr250F 4 stroke which the motor is now dead(conrod out the side of block). Has any done any engine transplants ie would a yz400/426 motor fit or was even considering putting a yz250 2 stroke motor in or is that all too much effort. Any advice appreciated. Thanks