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  1. both my sons enjoy their drz125 and it is easier to teach maintenance on them. we are not motocross family but more of an agressive trail riding family. the drz is a perfect bike for its class. modding the drz 125 is fun and rewarding.
  2. i also had to put handle bar risers on to lower the triple trees down the fork tubes. he was 8 yrs old when i got this bike for him. he will have this bike for a long time. he might see a 190 kit when he shows compentency
  3. Actually this is a big wheel with a drz125 standard wheel on the back and a kx80 wheel on the front which is the same size as the standard drz but with disc brakes. that way he has plenty of growing time on this bike. when he gets taller i will but the big wheels back on. i am about keeping more money in my pockets. buy an L version and put smaller wheels on it. i will post pics and a report on how he likes his modded bike
  4. Thank you beamis here is the bike it is going on with its pilot my youngest son 10 yr old
  5. Here is my Astro "BIG RED" hauling me and mine from Ft Polk, LA to Ft Lewis, WA through Pike National Park Colorado
  6. all those words and nothing said:) all i know is suzuki has done it, so it is possible. i want what they have to upgrade my drz125:ride:
  7. F U E L I N J E C T E D ! ! ! ? ? I SMELL A MAJOR MOD ! ! !
  8. I just want to know WHERE CAN I GET THE DR125SM! Look at that rear disc!
  9. I would very much be interested in one:applause:
  11. Thanks smrmx14. but does anyone know how to find the Staggs Racing site
  12. I would like to do this mod but cant find the sleeve or the piston on TT store. Could you help me out. Also does this sleeve have to be nikasiled after boring it to 65.5?
  13. Cool!
  14. So you are telling me i can make my drz125 a six 6 speed?
  15. Check this out! Has anyone seen this anywhere else! tranny is well needed! http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/suzu/suzuki_dr125sm%2008.htm