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  1. i went the cheat that my local dealer told me. just put 15wt oil in at between 100-150 mm from top of fork leg compressed. soo much diff. i ride hills and sand and it is seriously a diff bike. best $40 i have spent. whoops are very doable now. mik
  2. yes everyone riding dirt and gravel should put the cover on or it will get smashed soooner or later... Mine did last month ouch
  3. Harry did a good job of taking pics check it out at his post here
  4. i have the australian 05drze and mine just bolted on without the need to remove header or cut it -- stock hardware was good -- i used the shorter bolts front and back and longer ones in the middle. just took it off for my oil change...
  5. i have the 14/47 set up now and im thinkin of going to 14/50 i only ride single track so top end speed no big deal for me. i jsut want to launch better out of the tight corners and get the front end up easier in 4th
  6. i heard you could put a 52 tooth on from my dealer -- i am tossing up putting a 50 or 52t on my 05 drz. making it a 14/50. let us know how it goes for you.