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  1. I look forward to your review
  2. Any update on how you like your suspension from Kreft? I am considering them myself
  3. What is your break-in process TomTopDog12?
  4. I don't want to hijack this thread but I need some advice on the same thing
  5. Thanks. Those are the original real shocks. They were not too beat up but still had to give them some attention. WD40 and steel wool to get the rust off the chrome and spring. Then took a little paint brush to paint the springs black. Very time consuming but worth it.
  6. She's all done!! Came out even better than I expected
  7. looking good Accentrix!! Funny...I'm at the same point in my built. Finding time these days is definitely a challenge!!
  8. Been super busy lately so it took me a while to get it to paint. Just got everything back from the painter(Monza Red) and I'm very pleased with the results. Gonna start putting her back together this weekend. Also, I painted the clutch cover and the stator cover with this Rustoleum Painters Touch Metallic Aluminum. It's not high temp but I think it'll hold up ok. Included a few pics
  9. I am currently restoring my 1982 XL80. Unfortunately I can not intelligently speak on your voltage question but I know for sure that the bike was painted(not powder coated). Mine is getting painted now and still have to put her back together. I'll be able to share a pic in a month or so. Good luck Accentrix
  10. I'll give it a shot. Thanks Alexxxx
  11. I have a 1982 XL80 and my carb is leaking from the float bowl gasket. Can't find a rebuild kit for this carb anywhere and the gasket is, of course, obsolete. Does anyone know if a float bowl gasket from a 1982 XR80 will work on y XL80? Any advise is appreciated.
  12. I just had my forks and shock revalved. It says on the fork label that the rebound is set at 26. How much adjustment do I have?
  13. Hey Andrew34, did you ride his Ohlins set up as well?
  14. I mostly race the grand prix series here in SoCal. Its sort of a mix of mx and offroad(similiar to WORCS). I mostly ride mx tracks for practice. I've really liked my Pro Circuit suspension on my Hondas in the past. Should I give Pro Circuit a try for this type of racing? P.S. I'm not willing to go with Ohlins
  15. Definitely looks sweet!! Keep up posted