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  1. On1Wheel

    02 XR650L Jetting

    What kit should I order?
  2. On1Wheel

    02 XR650L Jetting

    Any idea's?????
  3. On1Wheel

    02 XR650L Jetting

    Stock Needle(shimmed .024) fuel screw set at 2.5 turns
  4. The bike has a flat spot at 15 to 20 mph. The bike has cut air box - k/n air filter - XR only full system - drilled and shimmed carb.. XR Only sent me 60 and 170 jets to install. Before my install the bike had 55 and 162 and was worse! Was rough low end unable to idle around the yard ( the bike would surge) and high end 55 mph was flat. I purchased the bike used about a month ago, now trying to work the carb bugs out. Is the 60 to small or large? The 170 seems pretty good however looking for suggestions. Thanks
  5. On1Wheel

    XR650L Performance

    Thanks for the help! Sounds as if I'm going to remove the carb and see whats been done. I did see the write up on the carb up-grade that calls for drilling. I was thinking of adding a larger tank and this would be a good time to make the change. Looking forward to riding this new beast. I've been riding street bikes for the past 20 years and felt like a kid again last night riding this Big Red Machine! My girls both have small XR's and now Dad has a matching bike. Looking forward to the family fun!
  6. On1Wheel

    XR650L Performance

    I just purchased the bike this weekend and the guy I purchased the bike from did not do the up-grades. We said that he purchased the bike at 1400 miles. The bike has 3300 miles at this point. I ask about the jetting and he only knew that he was told it was completed. The exhaust is a slip on system. I've read about a up-grade of cutting the air box on the R version. The bike has this mod and I'm not sure it needs it? I'm going to try cover the added holes and see how it performs. The lurching and or surging is, when the bike is operating at low speed only. If you roll on hard it seems ok however when taking off it appears to stumble with low speed. I will look at grinding the inside of the pipe this winter or a rainy weekend. Is there any adjustment to make on the out side of the carb to try without removing the carb.
  7. On1Wheel

    XR650L Performance

    Just purchased a 02 650 that has already had some mods. They include XR Only exhaust, gear change, smog block off and K-N air filter. When the air filter was installed they cut out part of the air box on the right side and part of the left cover. The bike runs great at high RPM's however at low speed the bike wants to lurch. I was thinking of adding duct tape over the holes added however it's raining today and expected to do so for a couple of days. I just joined the forum and wanted to run the issue by some experienced XR members. I can send photo's if needed. I also read the up-grade on drilling the carb and would do so if that would solve the issue. Thanks in advance...