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  1. My XR650L would randomly quit running. After a few minutes, it would restart. I removed the check-valve from the fuel tank vent tube and never had an issue again. I think I was getting a vacuum forming in the fuel tank.
  2. I didn't figure it out yet. I tried moving the clip position...it just moved the throttle position for the sputtering. I sort of tried a coil. The part was defective..the clip that holds it to the spark plug was broken so it did not hold the spark plug. I tried it anyway and test rode the bike holding the plug wire onto the plug. It still sputtered...but it may have been caused by the poor fit of the plug cap. If you figure something out, please post back here. I will too.
  3. Do I need to check the timing? It runs pretty well except for the one throttle position.
  4. The needle spring clip sounded like a good idea. I checked it and it is seated nicely around the needle and on top of the washer. The needle is secure. I tried an aftermarket ignition coil. The wire that holds it on the spark plug was broken on the new coil. I tried it out anyway and it seemed to sputter the same way.
  5. Some more information: If you'd like to hear it, check out this video. I took the plug out after trying the bike with the new carb and new spark plug. I ran it at the point it sputters a lot and then pulled the plug. The plug tip was black. I'm going to try a coil next. Any other ideas?
  6. Update: Still not working. I bought a cheap carb off of Amazon. The bike still runs with a 1/3 throttle stutter. The plug is brown at the tip. I took the tank off to inspect the electrical system. It all looks good...no exposed wires, casing still flexible, connections seem good. I'm going to try a new plug because it's a cheap thing to try. Anything else? Thanks for all of the info so far!
  7. I ordered the larger size jet that was listed in the OEM parts list (#95). When I went to put it in, I found that it already had a #95. I put in the new float needle. I raised the needle by moving the clip to a lower groove. The sputtering started coming on sooner. I went the other direction with the clip and it still sputters. I'm working on this bike for a friend. The carburetor needed to be cleaned but I think it was running before. I pulled the plug and the threads looked wet. The plug is dark.
  8. I've got a float valve set on order and a bigger main jet on order. I'll see what I can do with the needle. Thanks for the advice.
  9. I checked the main jet and it was clear. I rode the bike around a bit and it really is a mid-throttle issue. It seems to run great off of the pilot jet and then as soon as it gets into the main it sputters. If I go full throttle, it runs well. The overflow is back to leaking some fuel when engine off. Float height 21mm. Thanks.
  10. My XR80 is sputtering at mid throttle. It starts with 1 or 2 kicks. Takes off nicely. It runs well at slow speed. At mid steady throttle in 2nd or 3rd gear, it starts to sputter and run poorly. I've cleaned the carb and set the float at 20mm. It was leaking some fuel out of the overflow sometimes. It is not doing it now after the last check of the float height. On a couple tests, it seemed like it was running better at full throttle than at mid throttle. I'm testing at night so I can't ride very far before getting out of flood light range. I'm going to try to do some more test riding tomorrow and see if I can get a better description of how it is running. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. It was vapor lock! I started pulling the fuel line going to the carb after it quit running and it wouldn't drip any fuel. Once I unscrewed the fuel cap, it would run fuel through the line. I removed the one-way valve in the fuel cap vent hose and cleaned the petcock. It's' been fine since. I just finished the Shenandoah 500 dual sport and it worked great both days. BTW, I did try an new CDI and it did not solve my problem. I have passed on my old CDI to another reader who is trouble-shooting his XR650L.
  12. I agree with the "weight is too high" assessment. While raising the forks may cause headshake, it would lower the weight a little. I guessing that the weight is still very high compared to street bikes. I'd like to see a comparison of center of gravity vs. axle height on the XRL vs. sportbikes or other streetbikes. Thanks.
  13. I was suprised that the bike didn't smooth out at all. I've ridden bicycles for a long time (BMX, freestyle, road, mountain) and have always been a "going down with the ship" rider. I don't bail off the bike, I ride it to the end hoping that it will turn out OK. I was really waiting for the 650L to settle down but each swing went further and further really quickly. I wish I knew why it didn't settle down.
  14. Thanks for all of the replys. A lot of you are recommending rim locks. I thought that Honda doesn't provide them stock because it would make the tire harder to balance and therefore be lumpy ride for street use. To the guy wondering about a high-side, it is when the rear slides out so far that the bike suddenly stands up or flops all the way over on the ground at near 90 degrees to the direction of travel. The rider normally gets ejected and the bike usually slides behind the rider chasing him to a stop. Sometimes the bike straightens up and keeps rolling but most of the time it flops over. My bro' went and checked out the crash site. The bike made 30'+ scrape marks on the shoulder. When I got up, it was probably 10' away from me just off the shoulder in the grass.
  15. It does not have a rim lock. There is a hole in the rim but the bike comes with the hole blocked off.