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  1. motocrossrcr48

    **Need help picking chain for 07**

    thanks guys still trying to find tensil strengths on some of them, having a little trouble finding it out, found a really good website talking about chains that i was reading http://www.quality-cycle.com/truth_about_motorcycle_chains.htm
  2. motocrossrcr48

    **Need help picking chain for 07**

    whats up, ive been doing alot of reading on chains and which one would best fit my type of riding. it will be for motocross racing and practice, some trails.. heres my problems. ive been looking into a rk or renthal gold series chains. i had an o ring on my bike before and it just robs the power from the 250f so im looking into racing chains. now both ive read alot of good reveiws and a couple bad. people saying they snap on 450 but say 250fs should be fine. now i snapped a chain on my 80 and went over the bars on a tripple so i know first hand how much that sucks.. i had knee surgery earlier this year and ive been extra picky what parts i put on my bike ever since. id rather not go for the x ring cuz there just to dang expensive. heres a couple questions i need answered.. 1. whats the tensil strengths on both the rk and renthal gold series? 2. ive been reading they make a special rk chain designed for 450s, would anyone recomend putting that on a 250f? 3. overall which one would you go with? also planning on matching that with a renthal or supersprox twin ring sprocket if that makes a difference. i appricate any answers from you guys thanks
  3. motocrossrcr48

    07 front caliper seized?

    nope. i bought the bike brand new last july. never changed the fluid in it. i got new asv's but i doubt that would have anything to do with it. definatly dont want my wheel to lock up again. anyone else have this happen to them
  4. motocrossrcr48

    07 front caliper seized?

    whats up guys. went riding this weekend and during the first practice i noticed my brake lever was harder to pull in and it wasnt stopping as well. i thought my i had gotten some wd40 on the rotor. so i went around another 2 laps and i noticed the front end really wanted to wash out in corners. so i pull off and we crack the bleed screw and pull in the lever alittle, nothing. then we take the caliper off and try to push the pistons back in but they werent budging.. my friend who was there with me is a mechanic at a honda dealership and he said its not a very uncommen problem. were gonna take everything apart tommorrow night and see if its salvigeable. anyone else here have this problem and if so did you end up having to buy a whole new caliper? thanks guys
  5. motocrossrcr48

    blue diamond?

    2 reasons why i want to wait until march (possiblly sooner if we get any really nice days) my bike is so fresh, spent 2 hours cleaning it plus all new graphics i put on the ground is still frozen and that makes for some hard falls and slippery conditions
  6. motocrossrcr48

    Timeline of bikes.....

    i wish i had pics, heres my list old school xr75 99 xr80 2002 kx85, my first brand new bike 03 ktm 125 02 yz 250f 05 husky tc450f then i rode my dads bike for alittle, 04-06 husky te250f, woods bike and yes i ripped on that bike and my current bike, brand new 07 crf250
  7. motocrossrcr48

    blue diamond?

    i went there for the first time in november and i loved it. lots of good jumps and the turns are awesome. some of my friends who went there before me said it was kind of one lined but i dont see how that good be true. every turn has atleast like 5 lines in it. plus they groome half way through the day. i will be definatly be going back in the spring
  8. motocrossrcr48

    Maybe no MX at Millville?

    i hate nj. the people in my county are a bunch of stuck up jack ass's. thank god i still have my track in my back yard and alot of propperty. and im gonna ride there everyday this year and if the cops come at all this year i will tell them to get the hell off my property. last time i went down to the pine barrons i got 6 tickets!!! the one lady who was there was saying that the frogs were in danger. what the hell is that. this state sucks ass
  9. motocrossrcr48

    parts on new bike

    yeah the first time i saw that thing my friend put it my bathroom and shut the door. scared the hell at of me haha.. heres a couple pics of me riding. one of my friends brother just bought a 3000$ camara so well have a good video up in the spring.. also the bike is not used but those case covers wear down real quick. also ive raced the bike 3 times since ive bought and rode at tracks probally 20 or more times. including unadilla am track and broome tioga( yeah were friends with marshall) anyway ive gone through a set of valves and a piston. it was pretty much a half season at that. is it me or did they wear way to fast?
  10. motocrossrcr48

    How come no one rides Husky TC's?

    i use to race one in district 6. i raced my dad's 05 tc 450 with rekluse. all around it was a good bike. i even won a couple races on it. alittle heavy and even with rekluse it would randomly stall out in the middle of a race. but i cant even start to tell you how many holeshots i pulled on that thing. since then ive bought a crf250 which i like alot better but i would definatly love to try out the 09 or 2010 250fs. i hear there lighter then the crfs
  11. motocrossrcr48

    parts on new bike

    just bought this bike in july. its a left over 07 which i got a pretty good deal on. parts include *complete graphics kit *wc skid plate *killblewhite valves *copper plated valve seats *athena high comp. piston *hotcams stage 1 about to spin some laps
  12. motocrossrcr48

    Travis Preston was at etown today...

    cool, i was there over the summer and ryan mills and lawrence were there. pretty sweet
  13. motocrossrcr48

    Making a yz250f easy to kick start

    i had the same problem, but mine would only start one out of 100 kicks. so we took apart the motor and found the intake valve was stuck open a very small fraction. we fixed that and now it starts great. even though some times i do have a tough time starting it