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  1. Does any one own or tried out either a Scissor lift type stand or one of the folding stands? I'm thinking about getting a new work stand and one that does not take up a lot of space when I go places. I'm sure theres a thread some where on this but have not be able to find one.
  2. flmx81

    08 transmission failure

    I had this same thing happen to me on my CRF250R. The pain in the ass thing was I just checked the chain and lubed it before I hit the track. However it also took out my 2nd gear as well.
  3. flmx81

    Changing springs

    I have my compression all the way up and the forks are still to soft. The springs right now that are in there are one size i think down from stock. that is way i want to go maybe on or so up from stock.
  4. flmx81

    Changing springs

    I just have a dumb question. If I change the springs in my forks to stiffer springs do I need to get the forks revalued? Right now the suspension is revalued and the forks have a little bit too soft springs for me. So since I have had the forks revalued once do I need to do it again with the new springs?
  5. flmx81

    Snapped chain

    Not all was true. I had an DID ERT chain just snap on me one day and ripped the chain guard off and cost me about $1500. And befor you say i didnt adjust it or lube it I did it befor i went riding that day. I got one ride it came back in lube he chain and took a rest then went back out and it did it then.
  6. flmx81

    Has this happen to any one?

    I have been riding for over 8 years now and i have alsways adjusted my chain the sam way and i have never had one do this befor. and Im sure that my 3 fingers are more then an inch.
  7. flmx81

    Has this happen to any one?

    It was the ERT2 And when i put it to my 3 fingers i left it just a little loose so it was more sung then tight so it wouldnt be to tight.
  8. flmx81

    Has this happen to any one?

    I went to the track to day and befor i got on the track i checked my chain and adjusted it to 3 fingers. After that i lubed the chain. Then i when on the track for the first moto. When i went back out for my next round. I started to go through the gears as soon as i hit 3rd gear my chain snapped and the chain the the chain guard and ripped it off and now where the bottom bolt should be is a little hole and oil comes out now. Now the chain is a new ERT chain i have olny ridden on about 4 times. It did not bust and the master link but about 4 befor it.