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    rim sizes

    Steve, Please think of all the effects a change in front wheel size will have. This will throw off all of the factory geometry related to the rear suspension as well as the front fork rake. This decrease in rake angle could be extremely dangerous at speed. The rear sag settings will be out the window. When Honda offered the 20" wheel they allowed the additional fork length neccessary to lower the tubes so that the original geometry could be maintained. Lowering the rear subframe is really the best option coupled with your "shortened" seat foam. Be safe
  2. It's physics... Whichever peg you weigh, imagine a line of force from this peg through the centerline of the tire contact patches. the more perpendicular this line is to the ground surface. The more bite the tires will have. If the turn is loose or solid, it works the same way. Question is, What do you want the bike to do. Even loose sweepers will benefit from controlled weight between the two pegs to control the amount of slide.