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  1. Pro_SuMo

    '10 450/510 smr?

    All, I'm locked in to a 2010 Husky purchase, but trying to decide if a 450 or 510. Aside from dabbling in some SM Racing, primarily the bike will be used for weekend canyon romps, and anyone ever put a set of dirt wheels on one with radial mount brakes yet? TIA for all replies.
  2. Pro_SuMo

    "Big Allen" Yarrow Update

    Suck(!). Allen's a tough S.O.B. - he'll pull through. He better. The whole Yarrow family is one that I wish more could be modeled for the motorcycling community. Sending my best wishes.
  3. Pro_SuMo


    At what? Did you attend any of the rounds last year?
  4. Pro_SuMo


    Daytona (Speedway) is a tough one to crack, and *they* have to be interested, not the other way around. You know, it seems to be going pretty well for the short time it's been running, and is showing some great growth and potential I think. A little kudos is in order for the first three years so far. Why it is easy to sit back and criticize, you can rest assured that Todd Eagan is campaigning hard for the sport. A nine round schedule is nothing to take lightly if you're the one putting the money up to go to all the rounds. It'll be big news if he pulls off the combined Champ Car round this year. What no one seems to realize/acknowledge is the tremendous amount of work and financial commitment it takes to host a round. It is the PROMOTERS, NOT the AMA that makes a round happen. Remember a Pro event takes a WHOLE lot more then, "We want to do one..." It isn't as easy as one might think, and requires a strong team of investors/sponsors as well as a very strong and dedicated logistical operations team. AMA Nasmoto is taking the easier route of piggy-backing onto existing amatuer events, with very little cost outlay... Much easier then a AMA Pro investment. It's really up to us, the riders/racers and promoters to make this Sport grow, instead of getting on these webboards and continually bashing and putting things down. If you really dig this sport, how about spreading some positive word for a change.
  5. Pro_SuMo

    Motoplex - Nashville track map

    Bitch, whine, moan complain why don'tcha's. Maybe they should just cancel it... because that Don Canet guy knows nothing about track layout/design. That Marky B's a smart guy.
  6. Pro_SuMo

    OLN Schedule

    A few revisions from OLN: Supermoto Premieres Road America - Sunday 8/7 4p Shawano - Sunday 9/4 5p Copper Mountain - Sunday 10/23 5p Nashville - Saturday 11/5 5p Reno - Saturday 11/12 5p Repeats Road America - Thursday 8/18 6p Shawano - Thursday 9/15 6p Copper Mountain - Monday 10/24 3p Nashville - Wednesday 11/9 5:30p Reno - Wednesday 11/16 5:30p