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    Window Rock Trail, Baja.

    We are planning a trip to ride the Window Rock Trail in Baja. I've pretty much given up trying to find GPS tracks on this, but if you know where I can find them I would really appreciate it. Now I'm wondering if we just show up in in Bahia Los Angeles and ask where the start of the trail is, will that be good enough? It is my understanding that it is a well used trail. It is also my understanding that the trail ends in Cantivina. Is this correct? Thanks so much.
  2. vortexf650

    General G450X discussion

    Might be a clogged fuel infector. I just had mine replaced under warranty. Apparently, a common problem.
  3. vortexf650

    Newbie KTM 450 EXC question

    Thanks for your reply.
  4. Can I have the dealer install a JD jetting kit, desmog the bike and open the air box before I even take the bike home? Is this a good idea if I trust my dealer? Do you really have to remove the carburator everytime you want to change needles and screws -whatever they are. This seems like a major pain in the butt. Thanks for your help
  5. vortexf650

    General G450X discussion

    ...2500 miles and 100 hours. I've had to replace the battery, the first one was defective and the dealer replaced it, under warranty, with a Honda battery; they would've had to order a BMW battery and the Honda one was in stock. I have had to replace the sensor at the bottom of the radiator that regulates the fan. The new sensor worked fine for awhile, but not any more. I need to check if a fuse has blown. I'm on my second radiator. I broke the first one in a crash. I'm wondering if the reason the G450X has such a narrow dimension is because they didn't add any side protection to the radiator. I have not had the 70 hour re-build done. I don't plan on having it done unless something breaks and forces the issue. I really don't think I'm that hard on the bike. I'm a "C" rider. I have also had all the recall stuff done as well. I have a great dealer here in Phoenix and they are making every effort to make sure I have a good experience with this bike and I am. The major improvements I have made include a Leo Vince header and exhaust and a GPR steering stabilizer; both work great. I love the engine. I have a bad habit of lugging the engine a lot and I never seem to have problems. That being said, I probably won't buy this bike again. I wish I would've bought a Honda CRF450X. There just isn't enough aftermarket support for the bike and I'm afraid they are going to discontinue making this bike all together, it got undeserved terrible reviews, and then there will be zero aftermarket support and innovation. For now though, I'm keeping the bike and loving it.