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  1. I have a WP fork that came off of a 97(?) KTM and ineed some information on how to lower it. I know that it has 40mm sliders and 54mm legs, it is an upside down style and i think its called a topadjuster. I picked it up in a salvage yard and im fitting it to the front of my chopper. The travel is too long and therefore, the ride height is too much. I dont mind cutting the springs to lower it, because it needs to be stiffer due the difference in weight between the donor bike and mine...175lbs .. roughly. However, how do the dampening rods inside this fork come apart? I want put a spacer inside the dampening rod assy/ over the bottoming spring to accomplish this...is there a better way to lower this bike? How can i get a service manual for this? How can i identify this better? are there any stampings or cast numbers on it? any advice or information on this would be greatly appreciated..