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  1. Yamaha XT;s are great bikes, I owned a 550, one friend of mine has had a 550 and now has a '89 600 and another friend had a '92 600. Like any factory 600cc class dualsport they are heavy but the Yamaha like the Honda 650L is bulletproof. The biggest drawback is finding parts or accs. as the aftermarket offers very little support for these bikes at all and its been like ten years since Yamaha built them and what you can find is usually very pricey say compared to the Honda.
  2. vfourmax

    I called XR’s Only

    I posted earlier in this thread and sort of stood up for XR'S Only and saying due to the managers response here on the board perhaps they did deserve a chance to show their customer service was above what had been shown in recent past. Well I had planned to order some parts and services from them so I contacted them via e-mail on their web site with some questions concerning the order I wanted to make and it has been two weeks since I e-mailed them and I have had no response from them at all! So I would have to say at this point and time that the managers response here on this board appears to have little if any validity to it at all. If they cannot even answer an e-mail that is sent through their own authorized site from a potential customer wanting to spend $$ with their company then as far as I am concerned if they do not seem interested in taking care of the customer even before they have their money they sure may even be worse after they have the money. I guess it is time to start looking at other companies to fulfill my needs!
  3. vfourmax

    I called XR’s Only

    I have been following this thread also with much interest as I also have been considering using XR'S Only for the source for some engine modifications for my 650L so other customers experiences could definately influence my choice as to whether they would be a wise choice or not. Granted if I were to just base my decision on the amount of problems and customer service issues that have been posted here and in other places I would definately choose to use another company to deal with, with no second thoughts but I was impressed that the company manager took the time and effort to post here and try to at least try to address the issue and admit there have been some problems and actions supposedly have been taken to replace the weak links and eliminate the problem areas. I have worked in management for many years and it is possible that the scope and severity of the problems may have just came to his attention partly because of this thread and he deserves a chance to show whether his company and himself are up to the task of being known as someone that takes care of its customers and its reputation. I also work for one of the largest auto chains in the USA so I also know what type of problems can arise with a salesperson looking at a computer screen and "the inventory on hand" and guaranteeing the customer a part is in stock and will arrive or be shipped in a certain time frame and when the person goes to pull the order the part in actuality is not on the shelf, you have an instant customer service problem that needs to be dealt with right then and if you cannot source the part to meet the original deadline the customer needs to be contacted to decide what to do or how to proceed. I know in the location that I work in if the computer says we only have one or possibly even two then we do physically go put the part in hand before guaranteeing we have the part in stock and available and we have inventory specialist whose job is to try to keep the physical inventory on the shelf and the computer inventory the same and we still have problems at times. Yes it may take an extra few minutes sometimes to go lay your hands on the part right then but it saves a lot of hassles and time in the long run and prevents having disgruntled customers that take their business to our competitors because of the bad experience. Some of what I have written here is intended for XR'S manager to read both to help fix his problems but to also make him aware that there are people that are willing to take a chance in spite of the bad publicity and the recent past problems other customers have experienced but that his companies reputation is riding on how they handle their business from this point on and the internet is a great source of information that can either help you grow or make you a has been or used to be and this type of message board is where the people that share a common interest congregate to learn information. I do applaud the 20% discount and free t-shirt as a good faith gesture and that did help influence my decision somewhat to use your company for some needed services. Also as a last statement I have ordered from XR's only once in the past about a year or so ago for a small item and experienced no problems at all and my order arrived within a reasonable time frame and correct. Sorry this is so long but give the guy his dues as he at least seems to care enough to correct his companies reputation and problems here on a public forum. That should mean a little anyway!
  4. vfourmax

    XR0650L- 720cc Big bore Kit?

    I understand that a lot of people don,t agree the "L" is the bike of choice for a lot of the riding I do but I can honestly say that even though the "L" will work you to death at times I just really overall like the bike and I am very happy with it. I actually had found a 650r that was already plated and really low usage that looked like it had just come off the showroom floor a couple of years ago that I could have bought but decided not to so a buddy of mine bought it instead and he is more than happy with it until it gives him a fit trying to start it at times. I have ridden that bike and yes the "R" is awesome but I still prefer my "L", don't really know why but I do perhaps it is just nostalga from old school technology (yes I am getting old!) or perhaps it is a sense of accomplishment of some sort taking that old pig and doing things that people swear the bike is not good at. So I do not disagree that there are bikes that are better for what I do with them but this one is what I have fun on and just sort of suits me. The money issue really has no bearing, sure I will have 3 times in it what it will ever be worth and it will still be an "L" just not as slow or porky as it once was. Just like the "R" my buddy ended up buying the original owner had about 7 grand in it and lost 3 grand on a bike that still looked new, so whats the difference there? Basically though as dumb as some people may think I am for doing it I am going to go with a big bore kit and the 720 sounds interesting. Basically what I have the most concerns about are overheating issues or excessive stresses on the rod or crank due to the extra weight of the piston or pressures due to an increase of almost 75cc's over stock. Also concerns are starting issues or stress on the electric starter again because of such a great increase in the size. I kind of wonder that if these kits were introduced 6 or 7 years ago as what I am understanding here that there would be some feedback whether it be good or bad from some people that had actually installed and run the set-up. I still hope to get that feedback and if I don"t I play it safe and do the 675 as that is tried and proven on the "L". but you have to admit a 720cc torque monster sounds pretty cool.
  5. I live in the Lynchburg area and we have a few people that we get together with and trail ride when we can although not often enough it seems. Usually there are 4 or 5 that say they are going to go but it usually ends up being just myself and one other guy that actually shows up and goes. We ride some trails up in Amherst and pee vine off the BRP. We also have some power lines on candlers mountian we ride fairly frequently. The trails vary greatly in makeup with a few you can roll on pretty good but the majority end up being rutted rocky single track that sometimes you are asking yourself how in the hell are we going to get out of here! It has gotten to be a standing joke with our friends that when my buddy picks a trail that we are going to check out for the first time that he picks his trails like he picks his women, "Hey look I betcha nobody has done that in years" and when you get deep in the middle of it you understand why! But we have fun so if you think you may ever be interested in coming down this way we welcome people that want to go have a good time send me an e-mail
  6. vfourmax

    XR650L questions

    I have found that if the bike is going to sit for more than a few days that to keep it from being hard to start is prior to cutting the bike off when you are putting it away is to turn off the fuel petcock and let the bike run itself out of gas. Then when you go to restart it turn on the petcock and you will have fresher gas out of the tank and no problems with restarting. I know this does not sound like it makes a lot of sense but it works and since I started to store my bike this way no problems on restarting even if it sits for a month or more where prior to doing this even sitting a week and it could be a bear to get started for the first time and the colder it was the worse the problem seemed. Also with the exhaust being modified on your bike it may be causing a lean condition which could compound the problem even further as even from the factory to pass EPA regs the bikes are way lean to start with so rejetting may help some also.
  7. vfourmax

    Prefered Factory Dual Sport

    Of course any poll will always be very biased on a persons preferences and each person puts a different emphasis on what they consider to be the most important trait that a particular bike exhibits. My vote was for the xr650l, yes I own one and I picked to own that bike over the others for several reasons. One is that the build quality and fit and finish of a Honda is second to none. Yes the "L" is heavy but you would be surprised at the amount of weight that can easily be removed just go over to the Thumper racing website for a quick overview and a lot of the weight is pretty high up that is taken off the bike making it feel as if you actually removed even more weight than you did. The XR motor is like a tractor motor that loves to run low in the power band and with the proper gearing adjustments will allow you to practically idle at walking speeds through some really nasty terrain and with just a blip of the throttle will deliver the power needed to go up and over stuff that will having you fanning and abusing the clutch on smaller bore, higher strung motors. There is a ton of aftermarket performance pieces that can make the "L" motor put out around 50 RELIABLE horsepower. But one of the best reasons to seriously consider the XR and this is rarely mentioned is at this time with basically the exception of colors and the bold new graphics the '06 is the exact same bike as the '93 model and has been in production for 14 years and who knows for how many years longer that production run will continue? Yes that may translate into older technology but how many Asian bikes do you know of that are 14 years old (besides maybe the v-max) that you can walk into the dealership and ANY part you may need for repairs is still available new from the dealer? Also because the 650l shares a lot of parts with its off road 600 cousin the aftermarket support and availability of parts and accs is way better than the majority of bikes especially after they are more than a couple of years old. So is the XR the best choice, depends on what you find important, but I will say that it has a lot going for it and depending on what you want and how long you want to perhaps keep it just maybe it is one of the best choices out there for a factory dual sport. It may not be the very best but it is simple low maintenance air cooled fun that you do not have to worry about trashing high dollar radiators ect when you crash. I will say that seat height would be the biggest drawback for people with shorter inseams as I am 6'4" and occasionally on some off camber hillsides I wished I were a couple of inches taller. Regardless of what you pick have fun and ride safe!
  8. I have been doing some research on big bore kits for the "L" and I see the offering from LA Sleeve for the 720 cc kit but can find no other info about the kit anywhere as far as performance or real world reliability ect. Has anyone here ever installed or ran one of these monster kits and if so how long/number of miles with the kit, general performance and satisfaction overall and any overheating or reliability issues. Also who did you use to get the cases bored ect and what was the approxomate cost for the machining? I do not mind spending the bucks such as a carrillo rod or rotating assembly balancing whatever to get the desired results which should be a super torque monster with fantastic low, mid power with a decent sot of top end power with the right pipe, carb and cam but do not want to invest in something that will be constant problems and issues. So any insight or experience with this kit would be greatly appreciated. Also the type of riding I do here in the eastern US consist mostly of tight woods,technical single track and hill climbs with very little open it up type of riding and my bike is used for 85% offroad and geared 13/48 as I have a street bike also. So any insight or comments would be great. Thanks
  9. vfourmax

    Are the 650L's that bad????

    I am a new member, been lurking in the shadows for quite a while, picked up alot of good info off the site. One thing I have noticed when people have asked about the "L" is that one of the strongest attributes is never mentioned. How many other Enduro or dirtbikes have a run that has already lasted for 13 years virtually unchanged, making parts availibility both OEM and aftermarket so readily abundant. In my mind, this is just one of the great things that the 650L has going for it. You can own a 12 yr old bike, and still go to Honda and buy every part that you need.... try that with any of the others. Yes, it may not be the greatest offroad, but by far, it's not the worst, and it does the job that Honda designed it for. So, overall, the "L" is not a bad choice. It's not a racer, but it was never meant to be. Bill