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  1. Ok. I thought it might be easier to just remove the bars and then pull the springs and drop in new ones. No oil change, no valve changes. That's exactly what I was avoiding. But based on the suggestions you guys gave, I guess I'll pull them and change to the suggested oil. Thank you all!
  2. I would like to put stiffer springs on the bike (2004 KLX400RS). I'm 211-214 without gear. What springs would you suggest by the way? I did the calculations a while back when I was 265. I figured loosing weight might help also. I'm not sure if I should calculate weight with gear or without. The web site I think suggests without but does that take gear into account or not?
  3. NuB

    Trail Wings not so bad

    Well, I think I had 12 or even 10 in mine and I'm 260 and a novice (so I was doing nothing too difficult) and I still hated them. They washed out in every slick mud puddle, the rear had no traction either, going up muddy hills was impossible and creek crossings were let's just say very interesting. On the road I actually like them a lot but off-road? Never again.
  4. NuB

    DRZ00S electrical leak??

    Thanks for your replies guys! Few corrections: Tachometer - I meant speedometer of course. Battery condition: Battery got drained over the winter completely and sat dead probably for few months. I charged it and it seemed to have been working fine but like I mentioned I was riding more often. So it may not be holding charge as it should. Multimeter: With the last measurement, the battery in the meter went dead, so I'll replace it and take another set of readings tomorrow just in case. However, even if the bike's battery is not 100% I doubt it would show higher drain. It might not hold charge but there should be no additional draw on the Speedo circuit. Also, even though my meter's battery was going, it was showing consistent readings at the time rather than jumping around, so I don't think that was it either. Until the last test anyway. Thanks for the link. I'll readi it now.
  5. Hello everyone, I seem to have an electrical leak that drains my battery faster than normal. Or so I think. If I ride regularly (daily or at least once every 3 days), there's no problem. If I let the bike sit more than a week, the voltage drops down to something like 10.5V and the bike does not want to start (not enough juice to crank the engine fast enough). First of all I think 10.5V should be enough to crank, second, the manual says there should be a drain of no more than 1mA with the ignition off. I have 1.92mA draw. About .31ma goes to the regulator/rectifier and 1.61ma goes to the tachometer. I disconnected the plug, cleaned it, reconnected it and nothing has changed. Is the manual mistaken and pretty much everyone has a draw > 1ma or is the tach pooched? Or do you think it's something else? Any ideas? Thanks a bunch! P.S. I know, I should ride daily and fuget-aboudit. :D:D But I figured I'd ask anyway.
  6. NuB

    Rack & Bag

    I'm interested if it comes with the little tool box.
  7. NuB

    Opinions on tire size

    If smaller is better, how come people like that 140 or 150 Teraflex II so much? Does it have stiffer sidewalls, did they regear to get the perfromance back?
  8. NuB

    New Racetech Fork Springs

    No problem at all. Great! Thanks. I hope to order tomorrow or next week, seeing as they won't make it here before Christmas. But it's not like I can ride now, anyway. Although today was warm and dry enough, but who knew? I also found some Factory Connection website and they even have a 6.3kg/mm springs. Anyone know much about these? The distributor is in Canada so I could save some money on duty, but I'm pretty set on buying from TT, so I'm just curious.
  9. NuB

    New Racetech Fork Springs

    Will do. dual dog, did you get the Eibach from TT store as well? Thanks.
  10. NuB

    New Racetech Fork Springs

    http://www.racetech.com/evalving/english/Srchpr.asp?bikeid=470&manufacture=Kawasaki&model=KLX400&year=2003&TABLEINFO=dirt&langname=english Click on the red links on that page...and keep in mind the softer rating for E vs. S. The KLX400 in that links is the "E" version.
  11. NuB

    New Racetech Fork Springs

    Cool! Thanks. Did you get the Eibach from TT as well? I'd like to give them some business, since I get some great information here and the rear shock spring is what I need most, so it's my number 1 mod right now.
  12. NuB

    New Racetech Fork Springs

    Not yet but being I'm at 260, I'm considering the .52 as well as the 6.0 rear. Does TT sell these? Are there any stiffer springs available from maybe other manufacturer?
  13. NuB

    Commuting on your DR-Z

    LOL. Not for another week and then there's salt on the road now. So I don't think I'll be riding for a while.
  14. NuB

    Commuting on your DR-Z

    23 miles each way. Stopped riding last Tue. We now have -20 C (0 deg) and snow.