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  1. FASTCAT014

    What to look for, VALVES,06'450R

    Thanks for the feedback I'll check them tonight and see how bad I screwed things up
  2. FASTCAT014

    What to look for, VALVES,06'450R

    lol, Yeah I beat the hell outta the bike, Till about 4 laps into a moto then my arms a ready to fall off!!
  3. FASTCAT014

    Clutch Springs 06'450r

    Plan to put heavier clutch springs in as recommended by others, Is their a certain brand I should purchase?
  4. Tearing down my 06'450R tonight to check things over and grease, I came of a 125 2 stroke so in my transistion I certainly overreved the hell out of my 4 stroke. Going to check valve clearance to owners manual, although what other things should I look for as signs of wear? or if I need new valves. I seen some talk about replacing with kibblewhite stainless steal valves and springs, nessesary or wait till I see damage? Anyother advise of things to look for while bike is apart please inform, THANKS, JAY
  5. FASTCAT014

    Help with radiator guards?

    Looking to put Radiator Guards on my 06' 450R, Any experience with, or links to good deals would be appreciated. Understand that some restrict air flow, and this bike is running hot enough already. My brother though some brand allowed you to put factory luvers over the guard that sound great.
  6. FASTCAT014

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    I thought you all could use some better pics, http://www.motox1.50megs.com/Motobabes.html
  7. FASTCAT014

    Clutch on 06' 450R

    Hey thanks for the feeedback, I think it seamed better today, I also made sure I could adjust the lever in the air atleast a couple clicks. I had to tighten spokes today couple loose. also the sprocket had a few loose, my brother caught.
  8. FASTCAT014

    Just got 06' CRF 450R

    Thanks for the advice with tires bri647, I'll check into those tires, The jetting seam real good from the factory, I know they put a differant needle in the 06' similiar to want alot did in 05' supsension I will get done over the winter, I'll try to get it straight as possible for the last 10 races, Well, I thought that it was good to lay it down once light,LOL I bit it hard tonight, I was pushing a buddy of mine, and as every lap I went for the tripple maybe 75ft and he went for double, all seamed fine until he over shot the double getting slowed down and BAM , I wacked him from behind, nice black and blue baseball on my ankle from the bike. My buddy never went down go figuer. Getting real comfortable with bike, alot differant in cornering aside my 2 stroke, although I think my corner are alot faster. we will see went I get to the races, if I ever can walk again
  9. FASTCAT014

    Just got 06' CRF 450R

    Well the tire is shot after 3 days riding to much power,lol Ohh and I finally broke it in the right way, I crashed it. Needed to go down atleast the first was an easy one
  10. FASTCAT014

    Clutch on 06' 450R

    Someone else had said this, I noticed that if I ride about 7 laps on the track the bike wants to stall in the corners, I tried the whole hand on clutch lever and all was good, can't hang on with whole hand on clutch with that power! So the lever is loosing tention when heated, Is this normal break in or a problem in your opinion, Also does this have steal or aluminum plates from the factory, I had this problem on my 125 with the aluminums went steal and all was good. Thanks
  11. FASTCAT014

    Just got 06' CRF 450R

    Hey Thanks for the "Break in link", I was feeling bad that I got on my new bike and beat the shit out of it,LOL now I feel better
  12. FASTCAT014

    Just got 06' CRF 450R

    Thanks for the input, I,m gonna do the oil tonight and change filter to the twin air, Chain just keeps streaching, so gonna replace that with after market, My brother has the same bike 03' he said replace the radiator guards, 1st Race back Frozen Ocean Auburn,NY look for the 14!
  13. FASTCAT014

    Just got 06' CRF 450R

    Well after 7 years off the motocross bike, I went out and bought a 450r. Time to get back on the track. Very impressed!! They have come along way in 7years. This bike corners extremely well, holds tight inside lines with ease, The engine well you all know tears ass This bike is more nimble then my 125 was, right out of the box this thing is race ready, suspension even feels good, Forks seam a little soft. Anything info that I should no, problems, jetting, aftermarket parts that are a must. Thanks in advance, Jay