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    Help! 05 WR450 big problems

    Gentlemen, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I removed the carb and cleaned everything. I also purchased a JD jet kit. I used the jetting chart and replaced the needed jets. I also installed a Zipty fuel screw, and the shorter throttle stop screw. The bike fired up on the first kick. What a difference!! It only had to run for 3-4 seconds with the choke out and then ran like a champ. The throttle response is amazing now. I was unable to find the "grey wire" as described in this forum. Is it different in the '05 model? I also plan on doing the AIS mod but ran out of time. Wouldn't you know, just when I get the bike running, I have to leave for 4 weeks. Thanks to everyone who provided input and who provided the step by step instructions on how to do these mods!! Jeff
  2. yamaduc

    Help! 05 WR450 big problems

    Thanks everyone!!! You're right, I was looking in the wrong place. I'm pulling the Carb tonight to start cleaning it and will let you know how it goes when I get it together. Wish me luck....... Thanks again, Jeff
  3. I bought the bike new in '05, in Jacksonville, FL. From the outset, I couldn't keep the bike running. I had a hard time getting it started and couldn't keep it running without the choke on for several minutes. Then, as I would ride, there was very little power and it would stall at the drop of a hat. When I contacted the dealer, they said that it was normal and that the only way to get the bike to run properly was to have it jetted along with a number of after market parts. I asked several people at the dealership if they had tried any of the mods listed on this site and not one of them had and definately didn't reccomend making them for fear of voiding my warranty. As a result, I have exactly 27 miles on bike because it is such a slug. I finally tried to take it out last weekend and could not get the bike to start. I was getting spark but could not get the bike to turn over. My buddy sprayed some Carb cleaner where the fuel line inserts but still nothing. The next day I removed the float bowl drain and a yellowish liquid poured out. It didn't smell like gas (must have turned). We then sprayed some Carb cleaner up into the float boal and more of the yellow liquid flowed out. We drained the tank and rinsed it with new gas and replaced the fuel line. I tried flushing the float bowl with new gas and finally got the bike to start:foul: . It will run and even idle with the choke on, but will not run at all if the choke is off. I then purchased a JD kit and upon removal noticed that there is no throttle screw. There is a very small hole but it is not even threaded. Also, when I removed the float bowl, it and the floats were covered in a green powedery film. Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks, Jeff: