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  1. scotthenry

    Doc said 4-6 weeks.....

    Sorry to hear that. Some POS KTM of my brothers bucked me off in Nov. and I busted 2 ribs between my spine a shoulder blade. I thought that was bad until april 15th. Lost my balance putting along in 2nd gear and planted my rt foot for balance, kept it upright and felt an unbeleivable pain in my heal. Prognosis shattered heal 7 screws titanium plate and a hell of a lot of percocet. That MOFO is painful. Good luck with the ribs, I know those hurt like a bitch too.
  2. scotthenry

    Kx 450 Sm

    Anyone set one up yet? Rim sizes?
  3. scotthenry

    Exploded Swingarm

    You must be so rad dude!!!!!! To trash a swingarm!!!! You must be bustin it too big. Try the kiddie track, easier on equipment. Just my 3cents.
  4. scotthenry

    Kx 450 Sm

    Looking for some guidance. Anyone converted a kx 450 yet? Contemplating going all in on a SM conversion. Any advice or words of wisdom. Complete SM rookie. Been riding MX and trailriding for over twenty yrs and ready to try a little SM. Getting ready to buy wheels, brakes, and tires and hit it! Any suggestions?
  5. scotthenry

    KX 450 sag setting

    Got a few questions, I am trying to set the sag on my 450 and was wondering do you guys set sag with the shock warm, meaning after a few laps or just do it in the garage in my spare time. Second, coming off a 2003 kx 250 2 smoke I felt the bike was a little twitchy in comparison... so when replacing the chain with a DID ERT gold I added a link to make the bike a little more stable. My question is will this affect the sag setting? Should I set it at 103mm and go? Or go back to the original chain length and start there? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. scotthenry

    Full System vs. Slip-On

    Go away! I would not buy one of those over priced pieces of s... they are for rode bikes and european bikes. Go back to KTM talk.
  7. scotthenry

    Should I??

    Also, the guys I ride with have all been 4 strokers for awhile. Starting with crf450's then in the last two years all have gone to crf250's. After riding mine a few have decided to go BACK to 450's. One die hard KAwasaki hater whom has been riding for over 20 yrs,always buying the latest and greatest thing has never owned a Kawasaki and has always bashed them, rode it twice and bought one. He is also the same person who swared by the 250 4strokes and told me I was crazy to buy a 450. He is now a proud owner of a 450 KX. All due to the linear power delivery,exceptional turning and incredible suspension. Suck me MXA. Never buying another mag of yours!!!!
  8. scotthenry

    Should I??

    Do it!!! It is only money!! That is why we work so hard. Seriously it is a great bike, been riding 20 plus years and most have been on a green steed. This bike is an absolute blast. Glad I waited for the almighty green 450. Rode a ton of Honda's the past few years and was never impressed with the way they handled. Motor wise the Honda I thought was a little violent with not a lot of flywheel effect.(Woods riding)Mx the motor is great just won't turn and feels heavy. This is my first 4-stroke since the 1981 atc 200 in the early 80's. Coming off a 03 kx 265 and the transition has been great. Handles like a 2 stroke,turns like no other kawi I have owned. Buyit! put it in third gear leave it and take any line you want. It will breed confidence. No engine braking to deal with just good clean usable power that gets to the ground.
  9. scotthenry

    Just for fun. lowest serial number

    2372 Could not be any happier!!
  10. scotthenry

    Dented head pipe

    Any ideas on how to repaid a good sized dent in titanium header,just in front of guard.
  11. scotthenry

    Still Waiting

    In KC there are a couple for sale, Mcbrann cycles and Liberty cycles.
  12. scotthenry

    New Kx 450

    Thump tell that little Honda Princess to get a Mans bike and graduate to the 250 class!Then come talk to us!
  13. scotthenry

    New Kx 450

    Vetc I have not spent any time on mine yet, hope to saturday. Not sure if this would be a good choice yet due to the fact I don't really know if the bike is for me. The one I rode last sunday was awesome, but I had only a helmet and boots on. So I took it real easy. I was actually able to put the bike in 3rd gear and put around and never touched the clutch. It is a little decieving though. Power is very smooth and linear but corners come at you real fast, thank god for powerful brakes. Vet I can not really say if I think it is for you or anybody! Not enough time on it yet and there is going to be a big learning curve for me coming from 2-strokes. We shall see and I will let you know what I think after saturday. Come on! Say it with me! "KX450 BIKE OF THE YEAR"
  14. scotthenry

    New Kx 450

    Pro Circuit has pipes and slip on for sale. Just released this week.
  15. scotthenry

    I can´t belive it!!

    Any for sale? scott@elliottinsurancegroup.com