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  1. dave the wave

    Best bike for a 70 year old man?

    check out the yamaha tw 200 low seat height e start big wheel 4 stroke
  2. dave the wave

    trials tire

    been running a dunlop 803 rear trials tire with a michelin s12 front ,on a ktm exc 200 . this has been a really good combination . it is now time to replace the front ,so was thinking of going with a trials tire on the front as well . i ride mostly belfair, taneum, rieter, capitol etc . anybody had this combo and tried it ? any feedback ? thanks Dave ps great turnout at the rally
  3. dave the wave

    belfair /tahuya

    anyone up for a tahuya ride tommorrow Friday 8th dec i will be in the parking lot 8.30 or 9 am sorry about the short notice Dave