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  1. cvilmos

    header pipe

    I have the FMF powerbomb & it works great But you could save some money & grind the welds down on your stock header
  2. cvilmos

    about to buy a 1986 CR500, price?

    Did you see it on craigslist ?? The guy is trying to sell it on the "texas offroad network" also by the name of howard32 there is a post in the Dirt bike - For Sale forum about him selling some parts and keeping the money & not sending the parts buyer beware
  3. cvilmos

    Post Pics of your XR250/400

    Here is my 1998 xr400 ready for baja
  4. search for "06 service manual" it's for a 05
  5. cvilmos

    new to TT! looking for exhaust/intake mod

    Dont remove the baffle it is way to loud & you wont have the right back pressure. I would grind down the welds on the header first & do the spark plug mod
  6. cvilmos

    New owner of a 02 crf450

    Just got a crf450 and the idle wont go down I tried the idle screw. The previous owner told me it has a lighter flly wheel will that make it idle high ???? Thanks for your help
  7. cvilmos

    shipping a 250

    Try BAX GLOBAL shipping I just shipped an xr50 for $98 from cali to texas
  8. cvilmos

    43 tooth rear on an xr650l

    Try www.Sprocketspecialists.com
  9. cvilmos

    stuck choke

    I Took the carb apart and the choke plate was struck easy fix
  10. cvilmos

    stuck choke

    the choke the lever will not move down and there is nothing on the otherside of the carb looks like i"ll have to take it apart.
  11. cvilmos

    stuck choke

    I Started My 95 xr 600 with choke on and let it warm up when i tried to close the choke the lever wont move any suggestions