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    Transmission oil moving to the engine side

    Well I finally got a chance to see this in action. Before we rode he had to take some oil out of the crank area and add to the trans area. He rode it for maybe 10 mins. The trans side was low and the crank side was high. Also there was oil coming out of the air box. I did not have any tools with me but I am guessing the oil in the air box is via the breather from the valve cover. What does the "one way valve" do?
  2. Daring

    Transmission oil moving to the engine side

    I guess I will have to have him get some OEM seals and replace them myself. Making sure the shaft is not nicked.
  3. Daring

    Transmission oil moving to the engine side

    Thanks for the response. I am pretty sure they replaced all the seals (I would have). I guess this does not mean they did not clip one while putting it all back together. I will have to ask my buddy to make sure. I just checked and the main seals have been changed twice since this started.
  4. I have a buddy who is have a problem with his transmission oil moving into the engine side. He has a 04 CRF250R. The engine was rebuilt about three rides ago. Not sure it they forgot to put something back or put something in the wrong way. Any ideas as to where we should look first?
  5. Daring

    cr250 plastics

    When did you get the sub tanks?
  6. Daring

    molybdenum paste for exhaust valve linkage?

    Thanks Crazy!!!! You know you have friends who can send it to you for cheaper
  7. Daring

    What Mike Brown has to say...

    Just a few question for ya. In the first 4 rounds, Mike Brown (Privateer) beat Ivan Tedesco (Factory Rider)? Then all of a sudden a veteran rider starts going backwards in the standings (No injuries involved). Then he starts having engine problems. Brown asked the builder to dyno the engine and the builder wouldn't. Who provides the engines and suspension for both Mike and Ivan? Who do you think spends more money on those engines and suspensions (privateer or Factory)? So who do you think they want to see in front of whom (privateer or the factory guy)? If you can’t talk the rider into letting this happen (team rules), then how else (privateer does not get as good of stuffs as he has been getting)? Who do you think the AMA would rather see going to France? A Privateer who has to scrounge for the money for everything and have the AMA help pay or the Factory guy who the factory will be providing most of the cost? If you don’t think there are different levels of Engines and suspension from the same place, I have some Ocean front property in Idaho to sell you. Just a few questions for ya. Brown was done wrong on allot of levels. As for the under achiever, what number is he running? That does not show he is an under achiever. He could not get a full ride (engines and suspension paid for) here in the states so he look for one overseas. He thought he had one, and then got dissed out of that too at the last minute.