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  1. Look around and you can find a TH that will suit your needs and fit within you Tundras towing capacity. Try the STARCRAFT line. I have the RT13 pop-up with a 4x8 deck on the front. Started towing this with a Nissan Frontier have recently went to a 06 Trailblazer. The Frontier did OK, but the Trailblazer is much better. Check out: http://www.starcraftrv.com/starcraft_folding_campers/index.html
  2. 4015CRF150x2

    Wheels for 150

    For upinsmoke, I was riding before you were a twinkle in you dads eye. I put in laps at the 78-81 NMA Nationals w/Jeff Ward and Brock Glover back in the late seventies and early eighties. I'm just getting back into riding after a ten year break with my son and didn't feel the need for the headaches of a full race bike. Tone: I 5'9", my son is 5'10" plus and growing I know he'll need a 250F/X soon but I'd like to stay with the 150 cause they are just so much D*** fun, Just would like to have a little more height and better frame geometry without the race bike up-keep. I know the 150's are a decent size for our riding. I'm just thinking about a full-size 150. Maybe I'll look into finding a 125 CR/YZ/KX/KTM rolling chassis that we can stick a 150 motor into.
  3. 4015CRF150x2

    Wheels for 150

    I know this has been ask on CRF's with no replies. I'm looking into 21's and 18's or 20's and 18's on the 150. Just trying to make the bike a little taller and stable in the sand. Anyone have any info? We have two 150's one with BBR springs front and rear and one with Mini Bike springs front and rear.
  4. 4015CRF150x2

    Da Springs

    My son and I both have 150's and BBR springs on both ends. He's 165 and I'm about 180 after 8am..... We haven't had any problems with rebound and have been on some pretty decent jumps with both. Only problem he's had is keeping the bike level in the air on really lipped out jumps (rider error). I haven't gone as big as him but neither of us have bottomed to hard. Just got to remember your riding a trail bike with beefed up suspension. We've ridden Argyle in North Cal and Carinege tracks with no problems and been able to run with much larger bikes pretty well. Hope to get up to Piarie City soon, still trying to get around to all the NORCAL riding areas but the rain and baseball has put a damper on our riding. If your ever out and see #25 and #3 CRF 150's stop by and say hello.......
  5. 4015CRF150x2

    Suspension Rebound

    We have (2) 05 150's one has BBR springs front and rear no other shock work, the other has Mini Bike springs (not sure of the rates) front and rear no other shock work. I weigh 180 and my son is 165-170 depends on the day. We aren't having any problems with rebound after a few different settings on the rear sag. The BBR springs are a little stiffer, you only notice the difference if you ride the bikes really hard back to back. I have been riding for over 30 yrs and haven't had any problems. My son has only been riding for approx 8 months, he has trouble everyonce in a while keeping the rear down when hitting a steep jump face, most of his trouble is just his tech.
  6. 4015CRF150x2

    150 on an MX track

    Go enjoy, My son and I both have 150's with up graded suspension (one w/BBR springs and the other with progressive springs) we have been mostly riding MX tracks. We are both 5'8" plus and in the 165-180lbs range. We hit doubles and pretty hard on the whoops etc..... Keep your self young.
  7. 4015CRF150x2

    Riders and Mods

    I'm 41 and my son is 15 we both ride the 150's. No real big mods just BBR fork and shock springs and a few little tricks from the good old days.
  8. 4015CRF150x2

    People over 30 still ridin dirt

    40+ and just getting back into dirt after a 25year layoff. Spent 5 hours chasing my 15 year old son around the MX track at Carnige last weekend. Got to love those 150's very forgiving and easy to throw around.