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  1. Hello, Anyone ever replace this monkey? I've got the seal. I've got the engine diagram pdf's. I've got the shift lever and the kickstart lever removed but can't see anyway aside from splitting the case to get this thing in... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Spanky
  2. spanky238

    What to look for '90 LC4-600

    Thanks for the info...I'm hoping the oil leak won't be too hard to fix...so far the bike has proven easy to start...we'll see if that keeps up the first time I dump it in the woods...that left hand kick start is certainly awkward though... Spanky
  3. Hey there...new here...I have the chance to buy a 1990 600...It's leaking a bit of oil around the kick-starter but seems to be in good shape other than this...I know nothing about early KTM's...Any tips on what to look out for? Will it be a bear to start? Is $1000.00 US too much? Thanks, Adam