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  1. RayMel

    2006 Ttr125

  2. RayMel

    Fork Spring

    One of the sponsor's of TT is Cannonracecraft.com They make springs and have yours for $119 and different tensions.
  3. RayMel

    Arrrgh, tons of aluminum shavings in engine (07)

    I would keep changing the oil till you feel comfortable. If it is going to blow it will real soon. With that said, you have done as much as you can do without tearing the whole engine down. I would have done the same thing. Oh by the way, I almost bought one of those magnet oil drain plug but remembered that aluminum isn't effected. I think your good!!!!!!!!
  4. RayMel

    Cut my X seat!

    Matuchi, where did you get the corbin seat and how much? I'm looking into getting a lower seat and changing the stock A$$ sand paper seat cover. The corbins looks good.
  5. A friend and I will be visiting my dad in Saint George, Utah. I have a crf 450x and he has an 450r. We will be there the 9th through the 15 of March. Where are the nice rides 50 mile loops would be good. My dad's place is by Saint George up in the Dameron Valley. Thanks:ride:
  6. RayMel

    CRF450X What is the best pipe?

    White Brothers E2!! slip on and stock head pipe. Nice sound and wheelies when you want. You can also buy end caps at different sizes to tune.
  7. RayMel

    Anyone Hungry? Oct. 21

    I was there the 13 through the 15 and Friday it was dusty but it rained Friday night. Saturday it was the best!!! Not a lot of people but Sunday a zoo. It was still moist Sunday but you had to watch out. The forest trails and Alamo are closed.
  8. I had the same thing on my crf450x. It was the jetting. It was too lean.
  9. Troy Lee gear is made big! I wear XXL Jersey's and I use an XL in Troy Lee. The pants are the same way. I use a 40 but in Troy Lee I use a 38. They say they are made that way for wearing protection underneath.
  10. RayMel

    Keep Lake Isabella Trails Open

  11. RayMel

    450X carb question, need help!

    Sounds like the same problem I had. It is a lean issue. I bought the JD kit and jetted for the 4000'. You change the main jet to 165, open the side vents and install the red needle with the clip in the 4th from the top position. It is easy! Now I get 4th gear wheelies!!!
  12. RayMel

    Battery 450x AFTERMARKET OEM Ah/CCA

    If you google motorcycle batteries there is a site that has the one that is in it for $69. The site was either first or second listed. I just bought one. That include shipping from Oregon.
  13. RayMel

    lowering suspension for short riders

    I had the same problem on the crf450x. I'm 5'6" and I fell in my garage the first day! I bought the Kouba link and lowered the back 1 3/4". Then I lowered the front forks as they tell you but the cornering was like riding a chopper. I had my front forks done by Devol Engineering for about $300. They lowered them the same as the link and revalved for my weight. I went riding last weekend and It is great!!!!! The rear suspension is a little soft as Devol said it would be but it is nice and I never bottom out. The front forks are heaven, 5th gear through 4' high whoops and wow!! Devol also makes a lowering link but I didn't know before I bought the Kouba. Check Devol Engineering out, reasonable prices and great guys. I am pleased!! Someone here told me about them and I recommend them.
  14. RayMel

    Kouba lowering link and more

    I was just on devolracing.com and they can lower both front and rear up to 4" I think. They were very reasonable, not $700 per front and $700 for back like some companies around here (CA). The shipping for me was about $85 round trip for the forks.